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Rail road tracks

End-to-end railway air compressors and solutions

Fully integrated and reliable high quality air solutions for all railway applications. Lowest energy consumption rate. Built for tough environments

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Individual solutions for individual requirements

In close collaboration with our customers, we develop a solution tailored to their specific requirements. Our product portfolio includes air generation and treatment units, whether oil-free or oil injected with the ability to be adapted to various interface and train control system concepts. 

Detailed design for maximum reliability

As part of a source of compressed air for the trains brakes systems, suspensions, doors and various other equipment, safety and reliability are the core functions of our machines. We know that our customers need trouble-free operation with high availability of the trains and this is exactly what we deliver.

Technical expertise and innovative solutions

Atlas Copco is one of the leading companies in compressed air generation in the world with unsurpassed research and development capacities. We rely on this know-how to qualify our railway compressed air solutions and provide the market and our customers with state-of-the art compressors.

By means of modelling and simulation, our compressors are weight- and noise-optimized. The use of innovative and proven approaches as well as the use of durable components reduces maintenance costs to a minimum and ensures the high reliability of our units. All compressors are designed for the entire service life of the vehicles.

A reliable partner for our customers

Our mission is to ensure high delivery reliability and to interact quickly with our customers based on certified processes and quality standards. Our partnership with our customers also includes a comprehensive range of services (maintenance, repair, and spare parts) after delivery and installation of the compressors.

Close to the customer – our global positioning makes us accessible everywhere in the world. Service workshops among others in France, Germany, USA, China, ensure that we can provide service close to the customer.

Compressors certified

Certified IRIS : ISO 26163      Certified ISO 15085 All our railway products meet the most stringent norms for railway air systems. Railway compressors need to operate reliably in the most extreme ambient conditions, so all our railway products are resistant to dust, shock, vibration, fire and extreme temperatures. Railway equipment installed close to passengers should meet additional requirements for noise, safety and comfort. That is why all our products are built, tested and certified according to the most stringent railway norms, standards, directives and regulations.

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