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Atlas Copco Compressors combines world-class air compressor, gas generator, industrial and aeration blower, industrial cooling, and quality air products with a nationwide service network to provide you with all of your air and gas needs.

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Air Compressors, Nitrogen Generators, Industrial & Aeration Blowers, Industrial Cooling, Air Treatment Products, Service & Parts - And More!

At Atlas Copco, we take pride in serving as a world leader in the manufacturing and development of air compressors, blowers, nitrogen generators, industrial chillers, and air treatment products. We're not a one-stop shop; rather, we lead by focusing our innovation in key areas and on key products - both of which we're sure will benefit your business and assist you in lowering your total cost of ownership.

We have a large network of Service Technicians throughout the United States that are dedicated to serving your local area. Their focus is simple - to provide your business with timely, impeccable air compressor service. And did you know they'll work on any compressor, no matter the brand, type, or size?

If you're wondering if your specific application can use our products, rest assured that it can! Our compressed air, nitrogen, low-pressure, and industrial cooling products are used in a wide variety of industries, including the automotive industrybreweriesfood and beveragewastewater treatment, and chemical. If you can name it, we can serve it.

Even better? By choosing Atlas Copco, you'll be working with a manufacturer who focuses on consistent innovation, as well as and strives to bring the strongest products to market - which means we're constantly focusing on ensuring you're receiving the best out of your compressed air and gas system.

Compressed Air and Gas Resources

We believe strongly in providing our customers with a wide variety of resources, assets, and additional knowledge-based elements to help during any stage of your journey. From initial research to the final purchasing decision, Atlas Copco Compressors is ready to assist. 

Compressed Air and Gas Resources

We believe strongly in providing our customers with a wide variety of resources, assets, and additional knowledge-based elements to help during any stage of your journey. From initial research to the final purchasing decision, Atlas Copco Compressors is ready to assist. 

Our Products - Your Solutions.

We provide a variety of compressed air technologies, including screw, scroll, centrifugal, and piston compressors. The most common of these are, of course, rotary screw air compressors. Rotary screw air compressors are available in two primary applications: oil free and oil injected. Here’s a breakdown:

Oil Free Rotary Screw Compressors

ZR 90-160 VSD+ 3D setup
External gears synchronize the position of the counter-rotating screw elements, and, because the rotors do not come in contact and create friction, no lubrication is needed within the compression chamber. As a result, the compressed air is oil-free. Precision engineering within the housing keeps pressure leakage (and drops) from the pressure side to the inlet at a minimum. Because the internal pressure ratio is limited by difference in air temperature between the inlet and discharge ports, oil-free rotary screw compressors are frequently built with several stages and inter-stage cooling to maximize the pressure reach. The gearbox driving the mechanism does contain lubricants; oil-free refers to the compression chamber itself, and the delivered air is free of foreign contaminants beyond those found inherently in the air that passes through the intake.

Oil-Lubricated Rotary Screw Compressors

Beispielinstallation mit den neuen, hocheffizienten GA-Kompressorenvon Atlas Copco sowie der ebenfalls neuen, übergeordneten SteuerungOptimizer 4.0 links im Bild an der Wand.
In liquid-injected rotary screw air compressors, a liquid is injected into the compression chamber to cool and lubricate the compressor elements moving parts, to cool the air being compressed in the chamber, and to help minimize leaks from returns into the chamber during discharge. While oil is the most common liquid used today because of its lubricating and sealing properties, water and other polymers are sometimes used. The oil is then separated and passes through a filter and cooler before it cycles back into the process again. The compressed air can still be hot and often times is run through a cooler, depending on end usage.

Industrial Air Compressors with the Lowest Total Cost of Ownership.

G 2-7 oil-injected screw compressors cover image  G7 - G 2-7 series coverimage
Industrial air compressors are long term investments that will play a significant part of your business for years to come. The average factory changes industrial air compressors every 7-10 years, meaning that the initial capital expenditure is only a fraction of how much your compressor will cost you in total. It may surprise you to find out that 70% or more of your air compressor's lifecycle cost will come down to its energy usage. Atlas Copco industrial air compressors have the lowest total cost of ownership, owing to ever-improving design and unmatched, energy efficient variable speed drive motors. That all adds up to a significantly reduced bottom line for you and your factory. What is your greatest concern? Factory footprint? Having a quiet compressor? Good finance options for your equipment? Turnkey installation? Whatever is on your mind, you can be assured that our industrial air compressor sales team will have it as a top priority in suggesting the right piece of equipment or installation for you. Be it that you need the lowest cost of investment because you are just starting out, or you need a foolproof compressed air installation with guaranteed uptime, our offer will meet your factory's needs.

Service, Parts, Piping, and Installation

Service Tech at Port Washington WWTP, vertical shot with service van
Did you know that an efficient air system requires the right parts, regular service - and routine/preventative maintenance? Atlas Copco is keenly aware that compressor service is a key aspect of maintaining the longevity and efficiency of your system - and we are focused on providing the solution. We have a nationwide network of certified Service Technicians, located across the country, that ensure your equipment is operating at peak efficiency - and that help to keep your facility's compressed air, gas, and vacuum system running smoothly. We also provide genuine Atlas Copco compressor parts, including filters and separators; oils, lubricants, and fluids; and service kits. Want to save on costs, increase your operational efficiency, and maintain high uptime and performance? Selecting the right service and parts plan is key! Our experts will tailor the service plan to meet your business' unique needs and priorities, meaning that you can focus on your core activities while we handle all everything regarding your compressed air equipment.

Let's Talk About Maximizing Your Efficiency:

SMARTLINK Remote Monitoring. SMARTLINK allows you to monitor your compressed air installation remotely. From monitoring efficiency and driving improvements to 24/7 monitoring and a lightning-fast alert system, you’ll always be the first to know what’s going on with your equipment installation.

Audits. We know there's no such thing as one size fits all; that's why we offer three levels of audits tailored to where you are on your efficiency journey! The Visual Inspection Audit, Data Logging Audit, and Full-Service Audit are each unique in scope, with differences in exactly what is measured & evaluated, as well as differences in cost and outputs. Pick the one that fits your needs the best!

Controllers and Connectivity. By optimizing your airflow, you'll be able to achieve a tighter pressure band; this, in turn, helps you stabilize your system and lower your energy costs. With the Optimizer 4.0, you can also monitor your air demand - with the controller selecting the best machine combination to deliver the required air output. Plus, our Elektronikon Touch and Swipe Controllers make it easier than ever to put control right at your fingertips!

AIRnet Piping. Meet AIRnet, a compressed air piping system and solution that guarantees operational excellence for compressed air, vacuum, nitrogen and other inert gas applications. Available in aluminium and stainless steel.

We Have a Simple Rule of Purchasing: Any Equipment Purchased Should Come with a Clear Payback.

No Payback? No Purchase.