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Oil-Injected Air Compressors

0-30 Horsepower Rotary Screw and Piston Air Compressors

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Meet Our Industrial 0-30 Horsepower Compressors

Our 0-30 horsepower air compressors are available in two technologies: rugged piston compressors and robust, reliable rotary screw compressors. These machines are designed to deliver the right amount of compressed air whenever you need it, no matter the compressor technology.

Our ultimate goal? Provide our customers with an air compressor that both fits their needs and delivers the lowest total cost of ownership.

G Series. Oil-injected rotary screw compressors that are available as floor-mounted or tank-mounted options, and are available with or without an integrated dryer. These are powerful industrial compressors that are ideal for small businesses. Even better? The G series can be fully controlled and monitored via AIRkeeper, our newest app for your smartphone!

CR Series. Cast iron industrial piston compressor range. Ideal for demanding industrial, automotive, and commercial applications.

LE/LT Series. Durable aluminum piston compressor range available in both single-stage and two-stage options.

Looking for >30 horsepower compressors? Check them out here!

Pro-10 Warranty

Meet the G2-7 Compressor Range

The G 2-7 comes equipped with a premium efficiency motor, a new in-house designed state-of-the-art low-vibration screw element, and an Elektronikon® Base controller. Together, these create a robust, supremely efficient, easy-to-use, quiet point-of-use compressor range.

We Feel the Need - The Need for (Variable) Speed!

Need4Speed Campaign Icon
If a day, or week, in your facility is anything like a racetrack – you need to adjust your compressor's speed to be efficient and succeed in your goals. That’s where VSD, or Variable Speed Drive, comes in! In most industrial operations, the demand for compressed air fluctuates. A variable speed drive air compressor automatically adjusts the compressor’s operating speed to match this demand in real-time, which can save you up to 50% on energy. Turn that percentage into dollars, and you’re looking at some serious cost savings. Learn More About the Need for (Variable) Speed!


Did You Know?

We've created a handy guide to help you build and price a 0-30 horsepower air compressor! Take 60 seconds to answer our 8 questions; from there we'll  let you know what options are available and the price points you would be looking at for a new machine.

We have a simple rule of purchasing. Any equipment purchased should come with a crystal-clear payback. If there's no payback, there should be no purchase.

Atlas Copco Compressors

If we don’t have compressed air, we can’t run the plant. And we run a product that is a flammable fuel, so by using compressed air, we have a very safe, efficient means for transferring product from station to station.

Bio Joe Renwick , Co-Founder and Process Engineer, Green Energy Biodiesel

Green Energy Biofuel Solves Waste Problems in a Sustainable Way

Green Energy Biofuel in Winnsboro, South Carolina utilizes our clean, dry compressed air to create biodiesel - a process that starts with waste vegetable oil from restaurants and food service companies and ends with refined biodiesel!

Compressed Air - The Lifeline of SRXs Race Shop

The SRX Race Series build cars with the latest Atlas Copco VSD+ compressor and uses an AIRnet distribution system.

The Most Connected Compressors on the Market
The Most Connected Compressors on the Market
Find your perfect partner in the 3-30HP rotary screw compressor range
Find your perfect partner in the 3-30HP rotary screw compressor range
Shop Online (<50hp)
Shop Online (<50hp)
Variable Speed Compressors
Variable Speed Compressors
Variable Speed Compressors
The 7 most important compressor demands, and why Atlas Copco variable speed drive (VSD) machines are the only type of compressor that meets all of them.
The 7 most important compressor demands, and why Atlas Copco variable speed drive (VSD) machines are the only type of compressor that meets all of them.
The 7 most important compressor demands, and why Atlas Copco variable speed drive (VSD) machines are the only type of compressor that meets all of them.

Meet AIRkeeper, the App That Makes Productivity Easy →

Our new AIRkeeper app allows you to monitor and control your Atlas Copco G series compressor by using just your smartphone. Examples include:

  • Start and stop your machine
  •  Set load and unload pressure
  • Select required pressure
  • Check usage, temperature and more
  • Real-time machine warnings
  • Real-time machine shutdowns
  • Access to Parts and Instruction Manuals

Why Does the Racing World Rely on Atlas Copco Air?

We can tell you all about our robust air compressors that supply clean, dry air - but we think it's better if you hear from our customers themselves! Watch below as renowned racing team Stewart-Haas Racing, innovative CNC machining facility Roush Yates Engines, and top high-performance driving school Ford Performance Racing School discuss how Atlas Copco compressed air helps keep them up and running.

Atlas Copco and Stewart-Haas Racing have shared a successful relationship since 2009,. We’ve enjoyed a lot of wins and championships in our time together, and we’re thrilled about this expanded element of our partnership that now includes Chase Briscoe and the Xfinity Series.

Paul Humphreys , Vice-President of Communications and Branding, Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco offered us everything we needed to ensure our facility was world-class when it comes to the compressed air supply. From the design, specification, and installation, right down to the local service support, we can be assured of a high-quality supply of compressed air.

Ray Evernham , NASCAR Hall of Fame Crew Chief & Team Owner

We at the Ford Performance Racing School are proud to include Atlas Copco among the partners we work with to deliver experiences of a lifetime to our guests. This innovative multinational company operates to the highest product and ethical standards, and delivers products that work behind the scenes to support the many experiential programs offered by the Ford Performance Racing School. We're looking forward to working together with Atlas Copco.

Bill Johnson , Sales and Marketing Manager, Ford Performance Racing School

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