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Atlas Copco AIRkeeper

Meet AIRkeeper, your new, favorite
productivity app for the G series!

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AIRkeeper allows you to monitor and control your Atlas Copco G series compressor by using just your smartphone. It can also optimize air compressor performance and efficiency. 

AIRkeeper also holds an entire library of instruction manuals, installation guides, videos, and much more related to your compressor. 

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AIRkeeper with G/GX
AIRkeeper mobile app
Connectivity Made Easy. Getting started takes only seconds - just download the AIRkeeper app from the App Store or Play Store! After you create a verified log-in, you are good to go. To add your unit, scan the barcode of your Atlas Copco G series compressor and instantly you’ll get an overview of the details on your unit.
AIRkeeper Resized Small
Connectivity Simplified. To ensure your compressor operates optimally, AIRkeeper offers the unique capability of running an air leakage inspection program! For times when you may be away, you can even control your compressor using your smartphone’s Bluetooth connection. You also receive real-time notifications, which allows you to avoid wear and tear - not to mention unexpected breakdowns. - Start and stop your machine - Set load and unload pressure - Select required pressure - Check usage, temperature and more - Real-time machine warnings and shutdowns - Access to Parts and Instruction Manuals You can access one or all of your G series compressors’ statuses, weekly usage reports, specifications, and and support. In one quick glance, you can check your unit’s real-time pressure, temperature, RH counters, and its operation mode. You can even consult your KPIs for pressure, temperature, RH, and energy. Anywhere. Anytime.

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AIRkeeper doesn’t just offer you easy monitoring and control, it gives you peace of mind. With real-time notifications when your compressor needs your attention and the ability to make changes, you can sit back and relax knowing that AIRkeeper is keeping a constant eye on your compressor for you. 

Want to Learn More? Watch the G Compressor & AIRkeeper in Action at Green Energy Biodiesel!

Green Energy Biofuel in Winnsboro, South Carolina utilizes our clean, dry compressed air to create biodiesel - a process that starts with waste vegetable oil from restaurants and food service companies and ends with refined biodiesel!