New versatile portable compressor matches air flow and pressure to application needs.

24 jul 2023

Atlas Copco has launched a new compact and highly versatile single axle portable compressor. The XATS 138 provides a combination of efficiency and flexibility through its intuitive PACE pressure adjustment system that enables end users to precisely match air flow and pressure to their specific application needs.

Our forward-thinking approach to design means we never compromise when it comes to providing customers with efficiency. This mantra is epitomised in our new “crossover” compressor, which is not just extremely efficient and easy-to-move, but also offers the added flexibility of being able to provide more pressure and flow if required. The XATS 138 enables users to effectively deploy a single compressor for multiple applications, optimising their fleet investment, improving utilisation and realising a higher return on investment in the process.

Hendrik Timmermans , Vice-President Marketing Portable Energy division

The operating pressure your application requires

The PACE controller of the XATS 138

Adjust the operating pressure of the XATS 138 mobile compressor to your needs

With the PACE (Pressure Adjusted through Cognitive Electronics) system, operating pressures can be adjusted, in a matter of seconds, by increments of 0.1 bar via an intuitive XC2003 controller. The fully integrated, ergonomically positioned controller facilitates diagnostics, tracks the compressor’s utilisation and indicates planned service interventions.

Build for construction sites

The XATS 138 versatile mobile compressor is easy to tow

The XATS 138 features an extremely strong canopy and undercarriage to enable safe transportation. The bodywork is protected by a three-layer layer corrosion resistance system, including a Zincor, primer and a powder coating. Furthermore, it confirms to corrosion protection category C3, helping to keep the canopy corrosion free for up to 10 years which extends the compressor’s equipment lifetime and increase its residual value. A spillage-free frame, which is fitted as a standard component, is guaranteed to contain all fluids. Lightweight and compact, the compressor is mounted on a single axle, thus enhancing its manoeuvrability. The compressor’s small footprint, makes it easier to tow compared to other models in the same power class.

Performance and efficiency

Stage 3D Kubota engine

The element and engine are optimised for best-in-class fuel economy

The XATS 138 is powered by a 4-cylinder, Stage 3B compliant, Kubota engine. Additionally, it comes equipped with a DOC-DPF after-treatment exhaust system, which provides emission compliance at no additional cost. Operating parameters are -20 °C to +45 °C. By combining Atlas Copco’s patented rotary screw element with a 49 kW Kubota diesel engine, end users are provided with a portable compressor that is best-in-class in terms of fuel economy: capable of achieving a 25 per cent fuel saving at normal load. The normal effective working pressure range is 7-10.3 bar with a flow of 5.5-7.0 m3/min.

Improved service intervals and longer lifetime consumables

Optimized serviceability

Service efficiency was a key factor when designing the new compressor. The end result is that the XATS 138 provides extended service intervals, both for the compressor: 1000 hours or once every two years on average, and engine: 500 hours or once a year on average. This, combined with the long life of all consumable parts, reduces the total cost of operation and increases utilisation. What’s more, customers can plan and predict product availability and maintenance costs precisely by opting for a range of customisable service plans. Additional features, such as a spin-on air/oil separator, ensure that the service interventions are short and efficient. On a practical level, the dimensions of the U-Flex, pivot canopy provide greater access for service.

Optimalise this versatile compressor for your needs

A wide range of optional equipment enables the XATS 138 to be adapted further to meet specific application needs, and increase its operational versatility for even the most demanding working environments. Additional options include road signalisation, a tool box, adjustable tow bar, after-cooler with water separator and emergency stop button.

Atlas Copco's buy back policy

In keeping with all Atlas Copco portable compressors, the XATS 138 offers buyers the security of high residual value and the option of a guaranteed buy-back agreement.

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