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Reduce defects in the assembly line by digitalizing your Quality Assurance process

John Doe 2 minut(er) att läsa Juli 22, 2021

Although manufacturers carry out Quality Assurance Inspections in the assembly line, a certain level of product failures and non-conformities is still possible, with consequent complaints from customers or warranty returns. How can you prevent this risk?

The key factor to reduce the failures is to plan and perform a structured Quality Assurance scheduling and analyze data promptly, deeply and efficiently. This task can be highly simplified by an advanced Quality process management software as QA Supervisor. Just imagine if you could eliminate all these problems, digitalize your quality data, apply advanced analysis and even predict defects? The more insight you have on quality process performance, the more accurate actions you take. Reducing defects is an ambitious goal, but much closer to reality than you think. What happens if you discover issues when it’s too late? Defective parts cause warranty costs and bad consequences for end-users as well as your brand image.

Quality assurance software

Quality Assurance process management

Are you Quality Manager? Do you know how to prevent this risk?

Atlas Copco QA Supervisor is an all-new server based software that makes your job easier. You can monitor and define every single step of the plant structure. Managing and collecting data from any quality inspections becomes easy. With QA Supervisor you keep track of every change in the line setup. Save a big amount of time and reduce your costs, making any audit quick and effective. Turn your results into valuable data and cover all the aspects of your quality assurance applications. Full traceability? Thanks to the real time quality dashboard and advanced statistical analysis, any user keeps full control of the quality processes. Reducing defects in the assembly line is possible and will reduce costs and save time. QA Supervisor lets you achieve excellent results in terms of performance and innovation.

Quality Assurance software, QA Supervisor

QA Supervisor, Quality assurance management software

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