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PET bottle blowing compressor

Compressor solutions for PET bottle blowing machines

Oil free air compressors for automatic PET bottle blowing machines. Class 0 certified air compressor guarantee clean and safe air for high-quality end products in the PET bottle blowing industry

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Total offering supplier

Our PET bottle blowing compressor solutions come in a complete package accompanied by: vessels, piping, regulation, monitoring and energy recovery. Ensuring a one-stop shop for all your PET compressed air systems

Reduce your energy consumption

Systems such as the virtual shaft make our PET bottle blowing compressors the most energy efficient on the market. This way you can easily reduce the cost of ownership of your PET bottle blowing machine

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Reliable global service network

Reliability means delivering consistent performance and optimizing uptime. We guarantee every compressor is flow tested and have developed the best possible aftermarket spread over 180 countries. All with the purpose of giving our customers peace of mind

About our services

Custom-made PET bottle blowing compressors

We tailor our products to perfectly match our customers' needs. Depending on the different requirements, such as low noise and vibration levels or different space needs, we can customize our products completely. This also means that no additional infrastructure is needed apart from the investment itself. Additionally, different energy demands require different solutions which we can deliver. All our oil free compressors are satisfactory to the ISO 22000 and 8573-1 norms.

Energy efficient PET bottle blowing

The PET bottle blowing compressors that we manufacture are among the most energy efficient on the market. Being oil free means no expensive air filters must be replaced and that there is no energy loss due to these filters pressure drop. In addition, there is no external high-pressure dryer needed which is the case for our competitors. Our patented “virtual shaft” system connects all our compressors to minimize any possible downtimes and boost energy efficiency. Finally, we offer usable medium-pressure tap-off, making it possible to use the excess of compressed air that is normally lost between the compressor and the booster, in addition to avoiding the need of separate medium pressure air compressors.

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Monitoring with SMARTlink

All our compressors are installed with a SMARTlink system which safeguards the performance of our customers’ equipment. SMARTlink links all your compressors with your smartphone and/or computer. It allows continuous monitoring and analyzation of efficiency and allows making accurate and immediate improvements when needed. In case of problems SMARTlink will warn you ahead of a shutdown or similar, this way you can avoid the risk of a breakdown. Additionally, the transparency facilitates assessing system performance leading to improved system usage and minimizing energy consumption costs.

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Cleaning air

Oil-free compressed air is used for cleaning bottles and packaging before they are filled.
If the air is contaminated it can alter the flavor and odor besides being a health hazard.

Medium-pressure tap-off

Gain efficiency by not losing the medium-pressure that is generated when blowing PET bottles and use this pressure for instrumentation in the rest of the company
See more about usable medium-pressure tap-off.

PET bottle blowing

High pressure compressed air is used to blow bottles into the shape of the blow mold.
Class 0 oil free air ensures the bottle does not get contaminated with oil.


Compressed air is used to control the valves and actuators in automated lines for packaging, labelling and more.
Oil-free air prevents automated components from jamming and keeps the end product safe.

Compressed air solutions for PET