Single Source Service – Atlas Copco
A single contact for all your compressed air service requirements
Did you know your Atlas Copco service provider has the expertise to service equipment from any brand? Get the best service for your entire compressed air installation, all from a single source. Our service, your advantage.
What we offer

Atlas Copco is the single source supplier who can look after your complete compressed air installation: air compressors, blowers, dryers, filters and other ancillaries, regardless of their brand.

With years of training and experience in servicing equipment from all makes, Atlas Copco is in the perfect position to provide you the best service available on the market.

Discover all the benefits of our value proposition.

Single source supplier
  • A true service partner
  • A single point of contact
  • Reduced maintenance time and visits
  • Lower administrative cost
High-level competence

In our state-of-the-art training facilities, Atlas Copco service engineers are highly trained to service compressed air equipment of all makes and models.

Whatever the brand, our field service engineers will always follow the maintenance recommendations of the original equipment manufacturer.

Their expertise and knowledge is your best guarantee that they will take excellent care of all the equipment in your facilities.

Our people make the difference
  • Competent Technicians
  • Efficient Planning
  • Sustained Performance
Real service value

Our service value proposition does not end with professional maintenance. Our connectivity and optimization solutions enable you to continuously monitor your equipment, ensure high availability and improve your energy efficiency.

SMARTLINK monitoring and our advanced controllers are ready to operate with all equipment in your compressor room, no matter the brand nor the technology.

Our central controllers make sure your resources are working together efficiently at the lowest possible setpoint and in the most cost-effective way, by selecting the most efficient machines mix during operation.

The next level of service
  • Maximum uptime
  • Better decisions
  • Remote Monitoring
UNI Parts

Our UNI compressor parts range is a complete Atlas Copco offering of consumables and lubricants.

UNI parts have been designed to meet, or even exceed the OEM specifications. The range is developed with Atlas Copco's expertise, to our strict quality standards. It is continuously checked and updated to ensure a perfect match with the machines.

Our extensive supply chain also gives us access to OEM parts whenever they are needed. 

Focus on quality
  • Leading expertise
  • Top performance
  • An exclusive offer
Logistics excellence

All materials for our service operations, including UNI parts, are sourced through the worldwide Atlas Copco logistics and distribution network. Inventory levels, resource allocation, supply chain management: they all translate into a reliable delivery of parts and service.

Keeping promises
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Convenience
  • Availability