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3 ways a Torque Arm will improve operator ergonomics

4 минут на чтение Июль 22, 2021

We’ve said it a million times before and we’ll say it once again: strong ergonomics on assembly lines and in manufacturing workstations are considered a top priority at Atlas Copco.

Every tool developed by our expert team of engineers must pass extensive ergonomic testing before becoming available to our customers, and it’s because we know that productivity and quality on your line go hand-in-hand with strong ergonomic practices and features in your tools.

That’s why we’re especially proud of our fixtured workstation solutions, which include our large range of articulated torque arms. Atlas Copco’s torque arms are developed to assist in torque applications while keeping operators safe and comfortable. Eliminating fatigue and risks of operator injury allows for more time spent working on the line. Read on to learn how we can boost your operation’s productivity with our broad range of torque arms.

Low push and pull forces

Reduced handling forces is the first reason why your assembly line should be using an Atlas Copco torque arm. With such low push and pull forces, the risk of fatigue and operator strain is drastically reduced, allowing your operators to work longer and harder. Check out our Reaction Suspension System – HTS, a torque tube designed specifically for hand tool applications. This fixtured solution can come equipped with a WP Balancer, provides operators with smoother movements and takes lowered handling forces one step further.

Increased operator safety

Perhaps this reason goes without saying, but using a torque arm leads to increased operator safety in your production facility. For a specific example, just take a look at our AXF and AXR Articulated Arms. These floor-mounted torque arms come with a Parking Brake feature. This ergonomic feature locks the arm in position while not in use on the line. The brake ensures that your unattended torque arm won’t drift and cause damage to operators or to other parts on your line.

SMS T series torque arms group image

Absorbed reaction force

Atlas Copco torque arms are all designed to eliminate the risk of impact on operators by reacting to the torque generated by the attached assembly tool. Uncontrolled reaction force on an operator can cause an alarming variety of musculoskeletal disorders, which is why our AX1 Articulated Arm, for example, absorbs the reaction force of the attached tool, keeping operators safe and injury-free. Atlas Copco’s AX1 Articulated Arms are small but ergonomically powerful. The AX1 can withstand up to 120 and 150 Nm of torque applied in either horizontal, vertical, or angular tightening orientation. 

To summarize

Built to satisfy a large variety of torque application demands, Atlas Copco’s broad range of torque arms brings operators power, control and safety on the line. Our torque arms allow operators the ability to work longer and harder, eliminating the risks involved with poor workplace ergonomics. Our catalog of ergonomically efficient torque arms contains features such as low handling forces, a Parking Brake component that improves operator safety, absorbed reaction forces and even more. For an ergonomic solution to your torque applications, check out Atlas Copco’s torque arm options and boost productivity on your assembly line.

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