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Automated Screwdriving with Collaborative Robots

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Over the past few years, the demand for automation friendly processes in manufacturing has grown exponentially. The digitalization of manufacturing and assembly provides our customers the opportunity to optimize their production and increase efficiency on the line.

At Atlas Copco, we call this Smart Connected Electronics. In typical low torque assembly processes, it’s common to find operators working with sensitive, high value electronic components. Often, operators are executing the same repetitive task, fastening the very smallest of screws that, depending on the experience of the operator, can be difficult to handle.

This is where the value of collaborative robots (also known as ‘cobots’) in automated screwdriving come in. Cobots are robots built to work alongside humans in production environments. The value of a cobot lies in its repeatability and reliability, whereas the value of a human operator lies in our ability to adapt to the ever-changing manufacturing world around us. For the sake of this article, we’ll cover the products involved in automated screwdriving, such as the MicroTorque QMC series screwdrivers and the MicroTorque MTF6000 controller, along with the benefits of automated screwdriving.


The MTF6000 controller: Smart and Connected

Our large array of MicroTorque tools are controlled through the MTF6000 controller, and programmed through the intuitive ToolsTalk MT. Whether you’ve connected the revolutionary QMC current controlled screwdriver or the more advanced QMT transdurcerized screwdriver, the MTF6000 controller makes your assembly automation robust and easy to integrate. With multiple communication options (such as Digital I/O, Open Protocol, etc.), the MTF6000 can integrate with multiple different systems, ensuring complete traceability and endless error-proofing possibilities.

What’s more, the MTF6000 offers Smart, advanced tightening strategies called Torque Seating Monitoring and Seating Control Strategy. Both strategies detect and eliminate common issues that occur during production, including floating or misaligned screws. Torque Seating Monitoring secures a final target torque and continually monitors tightening to ensure a stable clamping torque. Seating Control Strategy secures a precise clamping force by adjusting the final target torque based on the seating torque. These strategies, only available for the MTF6000, ensure perfectly assembled products time after time. 

QA Station MT with robot station, MicroTorque

Screwdriving made for automation

When it comes to automated screwdriving with cobots, Atlas Copco has you covered. There are two very automation friendly screwdriving options within our MicroTorque portfolio: the QMC fixtured current controlled screwdriver and the QMT fixtured transducerized screwdriver. 

The QMC screwdriver is one of the most advanced tightening solutions for any low torque application. It allows for complete error-proofing and automatic rework. The QMT screwdriver is the transducerized version, combining extremely high accuracy and full traceability. Both screwdriving options align completely with Industry 4.0 and allow for easy integration with cobots or torque arms of your choosing. In addition, both solutions were built for automation. They’re extremely lightweight, compact, and account for a boost in production quality and a reduction in cycle time. 

If you’re ready to bring automated screwdriving to your MicroTorque production, contact a MicroTorque expert and schedule an in-person or remote demo today.

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