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AX1 Articulated Arm Series - Torque tool reaction for a multitude of applications

3 минут на чтение Июль 22, 2021

Many handheld torque tool applications involve repetitive handling of tooling, as well as torque reaction forces that are frequently absorbed by the operator. In applications involving multiple fasteners, there is always a need for a way to ensure the tool is positioned properly for the best ergonomics and access to the part being assembled.

In many instances, a simple torque tool suspension device, such as a balancer, is not an ideal solution to ensure the tool is readily available and in position for a tightening and also out of the way when not needed. For torque tool applications in upwards of 100 Nm, this can be somewhat of a “gray area,” considering that many reaction devices add considerable weight and size, requiring a large working area in the station.

Enter the AX1 Articulated Arm

Enter the AX1 Articulated Arm from Atlas Copco. Developed for the highest standard of quality, the AX1 is a robust, flexible, and feature-based arm that is designed to react to the torque generated by a tool – eliminating the impact on the operator. It allows for smooth, comfortable movement with minimal handling forces. Best of all, its small footprint allows in tegration into compact areas and applications where traditional articulated arms do not fit.

The AX1 Articulated Arm is available in two main sizes. The standard AX1 is capable of up to 120 Nm of reaction force, while the AX1.5 can take up to 150 Nm of torque tool reaction, also with extended reach.

AX1 is designed for high production rate environments on workbench or conveyor type applications. Torque can be applied in vertical, horizontal or angular orientations, or any combination thereof.

The AX1 is flexible enough to be used in the traditional upright style on a bench or pedestal or inverted to hang from an overhead structure, such as a rail system.

Tensor Tracker Torque arm

The options and expandability of the AX1 Articulated Arm series ensure the right fit for your application. A standard gas spring or optional pneumatic cylinder ensures the right level of support and zero-gravity feel, depending on the size of the tool being used, and is adjustable for optimal positioning in the station. The AX1 is built with Atlas Copco tools in mind, supporting a series of standard tool holders to ensure proper fit and optimized use in every application.

Various accessories are also available, including integrated mounting for Power Focus controllers which further reduces the station footprint. If bolt-level error-proofing is desired, the AX1 easily integrates with Industrial Location Guidance (ILG), Atlas Copco’s state-of-the-art tool positioning system, with a simple encoder package.

Atlas Copco has been hugely successful with AX1 in many projects supplied to some of our global customers, but we can also offer a complete, preconfigured AX1 package with a simple, catalog-style ordering process. 

Questions? Contact Atlas Copco today to learn more or schedule a product demonstration today. 

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