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EV Battery Assembly: Production Data Analysis

4 минут на чтение Апрель 13, 2023



How can manufacturers overcome the challenges of Electric vehicle battery production? Analyzing data reduces costs and production time while increasing quality and accuracy.

Production of Electric vehicles is accelerating globally, and the demand for battery cells grows at 30 percent every year. By 2028, the global EV battery market value will reach more than $154 billion.

The spread of electric car batteries is key to cutting CO2 and NO2 emissions globally. In addition, the constant increase in EV battery production is an important means of economic growth for manufacturers. On the other hand, the rise in EV battery production capacity leads to significant challenges, such as recruiting skilled workers and securing raw-materials supply to ensure the sustainability of the entire process.

Nevertheless, the main challenge for manufacturers is to have cost-competitive plants and become low-cost producers. The affirmation of global leaders in EV battery production will be most affected by the reduction of production costs without obviously affecting the final product’s performance.

  • 20M

    EV cars sold by 2025

  • $154

    billions value

  • 30%

    reduction costs using data

The benefits of Industry 4.0

According to numbers in battery production, manufacturers can reduce costs from 15% to 30% by adopting new technologies and innovative production processes. Employing data-driven solutions and next-generation digital technologies is critical to minimizing production downtime and improving accuracy. The transition toward Industry 4.0 ensures competitive advantages and reduces production-related costs from 20% to 35% in each step of battery cell production: electrode production, cell assembly, and cell finishing.

Alture mobile app used by service technician in the field

Every production step has a challenge

At the first step of the process, data must be managed correctly. Hardware and software to collect and analyze data must be installed properly to ensure an efficient start of the operations. Moreover, sharing data is key to keeping the entire process monitored.

Once data are collected and shared, the next challenge arises. Data is powerful, but they require insights to become more than just numbers and generate value. Advanced analytics and machine learning are key to competitive advantage in EV battery production to ensure operational efficiency and high-quality performance. Developing more complex products and designs can cause a higher recall rate or release defective products into the market. For this reason, identifying potential faults in real-time is necessary to take immediate action early on and anticipate production issues.

Preventive maintenance is essential to reduce downtimes and costly consequences while improving overall quality. Planning and scheduling maintenance can benefit each step of the EV battery production and even reduce costs by 7% to 10%.

Our service solutions for EV battery manufacturers

In this context, Atlas Copco can provide several service solutions to support EV battery production and assure maximum quality and process optimization.

A fast and efficient installation of new equipment in the EV manufacturing process is essential to provide purposeful data collection. With Atlas Copco EasyStart, we ensure that the hardware and analysis software share essential data in the right way to identify problems early.

Phone mockup with ALTURE optimize app visualization and features

To support EV battery manufacturers with data analysis and reduce unnecessary costs, Atlas Copco introduces ALTURE® Data-Driven Service Solutions. This easy-to-use app continuously analyzes production data and identifies issues and quality concerns in real-time. Tightening failures are instantly notified through mobile push notifications, allowing immediate action to solve the problem and avoid costly consequences. Moreover, the reports include relevant information about the issue and even provide recommendations for solving it, regardless of the expertise level.

Moreover, our data-driven services can help you predict issues on the production line, even before they occur. ALTURE : Optimize provides complete NOK statistics and identifies negative tightening trends that can lead to future problems.

In EV battery manufacturing, all production steps must be performed with precision and accuracy. Material-based processing is essential to adjust the process based on the material quality. To comply with global quality standards, parameter setting and inline quality control are fundamental in cell assembly and cell finishing. Additionally, these processes can reduce cell production costs by up to 10%. With ALTURE : Optimize, it is possible to customize notifications and NOK thresholds based on individual targets, the material used, or specific applications.

Watch the video and learn more about our solutions for EV battery manufacturing:

Steven has over 20 years of experience in Atlas Copco, with a wealth of knowledge from working in various manufacturing segments in leadership roles. In his current role, Steven is responsible for sales and marketing globally within the Industrial Technique Service Division.



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