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ICB-Q: The modular assembly tool for sustainable transformation

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In the era of automation, manual tightening operations still play a crucial role in industrial manufacturing. Battery powered tightening tools provide operational flexibility and mobility but with so many different tightening needs throughout an assembly process, operators are many times forced to use different pneumatic tools for different applications. Take a step towards the more sustainable “one operator, one tool” tightening operation with Atlas Copco ICB-Q!

Efficiency and profitability in industrial manufacturing relies heavily upon flexible and time-efficient tightening processes. This is especially valid where torque specifications and accessibility needs vary along an assembly process. Under such circumstances, equipping each operator with multiple tools for each and every tightening application leads to time-consuming tool swaps. Something that can jeopardize efficiency when operators have to work at large assembly stations which are very common within the aerospace industry.

But what if there instead was a one-size-fits-all solution that enabled one single tool to handle multiple fastening tasks? That is the beauty of the new Atlas Copco ICB-Q modular tightening tool with accompanied attachment heads. Whereas traditional tools have fixed attachments, the ICB-Q modularity feature enables the quick swap of heads. This makes for a seamless switch between different tightening applications eliminating the need for single-purpose pneumatic tools. With fewer tools to handle, hardware costs are reduced, and valuable operational time is saved.

The design principles behind the ICB-Q are innovative and smart. The ICB-Q features a driving unit and a selection of different, fully compatible, attachment heads. These are all equipped with a quick-change system that empowers the operator to swap and install different attachments for each specific tightening application within seconds. Thanks to these modular features it is safe to conclude that one single ICB-Q device potentially can replace up to four fixed tools.

ICB-Q modular heads

Fully integrated in the Atlas Copco product portfolio ecosystem

The ICB-Q is fully integrated within the broader Atlas Copco ICB family, a portfolio of battery powered tools renown for offering improved mobility.

But we take our ecosystem integration ambitions even further. Being part of the ICB family, the ICB-Q is also incorporated in the broader Tensor IxB tool family and Atlas Copco ecosystem. A unique portfolio of products engineered to realize the full potential of sustainable transformation in assembly processes. Meeting the demands of today and tomorrow, we help address growing manufacturing complexity that drives the need for increased precision, and cost efficiency.

To learn more about the innovative ICB-Q modular tightening tool and how it can help reduce operational complexity with less hardware whilst saving time in the process, get in touch with us today!  

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ICB-Q leaflet
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ICB-Q leaflet
Learn more about the new member of ICB family - the ICB-Q.
Learn more about the new member of ICB family - the ICB-Q.
Learn more about the new member of ICB family - the ICB-Q.
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Contact our experts for aerospace solutions
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