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TechCover: A Service Solution

4 минут на чтение Июль 22, 2021

For users of our Atlas Copco software products including ToolsNet (TN8) and Scalable Quality Solution (SQS), consider protecting your investment with an Atlas Copco TechCover service level agreement.

TechCover is a software support and maintenance contract that optimizes your production and quality by providing monitoring and support for maximized system uptime and productivity. Covering both TN8 and SQS, our customers will receive prioritized support tailored to their specific production processes, guaranteed response times, regular software and product updates, and much more.

When it comes to Industry 4.0, having software is only the first step. Use your software to its fullest capability with TechCover. Currently, there are two TechCover service level agreements for Atlas Copco software: TechCover ToolsNet and TechCover Error Proofing Solutions.

Service technician with PF 6000

TechCover ToolsNet

ToolsNet 8 (TN8) is Atlas Copco’s assembly process improvement software. Developed to support key elements of Industry 4.0 such as data collection and traceability, TN8 gives users personalized control of their production and improves assembly processes. For a deeper insight into production performance and for proactive support, TechCover ToolsNet allows for real-time monitoring and maintenance targeted to increase system uptime, quality, and productivity. This software service contract provides remote technical support by way of access to product experts, training packages, and customized production and IT reports. Through this contract, critical software updates and system health checks are covered to maximize uptime.

TechCover Error-Proofing Solutions

Another key element of Industry 4.0 is error-proofing your production processes. At Atlas Copco, we do this through our Scalable Quality Solution (SQS) software. With step by step operator guidance, part verification, and complete scalability, SQS catches errors and oversights at their source. TechCover Error-Proofing Solutions are service level contracts for our SQS software and error-proofing portfolio. In this contract, there are three packages available to support your specific needs: TechCover Protect, TechCover Stability, and TechCover Uptime.

TechCover Protect

Help your SQS software help you with TechCover Protect. To address issues such as frequent production downtime and increased production losses and costs, TechCover Protect improves your overall system availability and performance. With remote product support, regular updates, and quick response times, TechCover Protect has you covered.

TechCover Stability

To stabilize your software and secure your system availability, consider the next step up, TechCover Stability. This package reduces recurring line stoppages and downtime costs by offering proactive database monitoring and greater system availability. Customers will receive scheduled updates, remote product and application support, and more.

TechCover Uptime

TechCover Uptime is our most advanced offering. In this TechCover package, customers will receive on-site, personalized support for your production needs. Providing root cause analyses, response times of less than 30 minutes, regular product updates, application support, and more, TechCover Uptime offers complete lifecycle support for SQS and enterprise solutions.

TechCover - In summary

Software can be complicated. Let Atlas Copco take the weight off of your shoulders with our TechCover service level agreements. With contracts for ToolsNet 8 and SQS, TechCover protects your investment, offers real-time monitoring, product and application support, and continuous enhancements to your production. We’re ready to optimize your production performances… are you?

Be sure to join us for a TechCover Expert Live Q&A! Global Product Manager Kevin Scott will be answering questions submitted by viewers about TechCover. 

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