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Atlas Copco’s extensive range of pneumatic industrial screwdrivers was developed to bring operators maximum power, productivity, and accuracy.

Despite their high power, operators remain safe and comfortable with our screwdrivers, built with exceptionally strong ergonomic features that include non-slip grip handles and minimum reaction impulse. Our complete range of pneumatic screwdrivers, depending on the series, will come with three different technology features: direct drive, slip-clutch, and shut-off control. Each drive type works best for a specific application. Read on to discover which technology your screwdriver should have, depending on your application.

Direct drive

Atlas Copco has two screwdriver models that contain the direct drive feature: the LUD and the LUF HRD ranges. Both models are pistol grip and direct driven, meaning that these tools will stall when the torque goal is reached. Being pneumatic, the torque level is applied by the operator regulating the air pressure. This technology feature is useful for applications in which precise torque control is not required.

That being said, we recommend using both of our direct drive screwdrivers for applications involving self-drilling and wood screws. The compact size of the LUD Pistol Screwdriver makes it versatile and ideal for accessibility to cramped spaces. The LUF HRD pistol grip range is similar in size, providing optimal ergonomics for operators. Both pistol grip models are reversible and come in a variety of different configurations. The LUD and LUF HRD models can be used with high grip for feed force or low grip for minimal reaction force.

LUM 10 SR,?Pneumatic screwdriver


Atlas Copco’s pneumatic screwdrivers that come with the slip-clutch technology are the TWIST and the LUF HR ranges. The slip-clutch technology refers to the tool’s spring-operated slip-clutch that applies a pulsating force once the desired torque level has been achieved. Both the TWIST and the LUF HR series come in pistol grip models, although the TWIST range also comes in a straight model. All TWIST and LUF pistol grip models are reversible and contain a quick change chuck.

Slip-clutch screwdrivers like the TWIST and LUF HR models are best used for instances in which torque level temporarily rises during rundown. These two slip-clutch screwdriver ranges are perfect for applications involving sheet metal screws, wood screws or self-tapping screws. Our pistol grip models make for optimal ergonomics and accessibility into narrow or cramped workspaces. The TWIST slip-clutch straight model provides high accuracy and strong ergonomics to the production process. Note that the TWIST slip-clutch straight model is best used with a torque arm to reduce operator fatigue.

LUM 12 HR,?Pneumatic screwdriver


Our shut-off clutch screwdrivers come equipped with the ability to automatically shut off the tool when the preset torque has been achieved. Atlas Copco’s shut-off type screwdrivers are made up of the LUM range, which can come in pistol grip or straight models, and the LTV range, which is an angle tool. Atlas Copco recommends shut-off tools be paired with machine screws, thread-rolling screws, and thread-forming screws for plastic. Tools with the shut-off drive type make for smooth performance and highly accurate tightening.

The LUM Pistol Screwdriver is part of the pistol grip shut-off range that comes in several different configurations. Its durability and high-power performance combine to make it the “workhorse” of our pneumatic screwdrivers. When used with one of our torque arms, Atlas Copco’s LUM Straight Screwdriver reduces strain on operators and can access hard-to-reach areas with its compact size. And finally, our LTV Small Angle Screwdriver finishes off the list. It’s our smallest pneumatic angle screwdriver that reaches spaces even the pistol grip cannot. Its size does not impede its power. The spiral cut angle gear featured in the LTV Small Angle Screwdriver allows for high durability and high accuracy.

Everything you’ll need in a pneumatic screwdriver

Atlas Copco’s large range of powerful, highly durable pneumatic screwdrivers covers virtually all applications involving screw sizes up to M6. For wood and self-drilling screws, go for a pistol grip direct drive screwdriver, like the LUD or the LUF HRD series. If you’re looking for an industrial pneumatic screwdriver that pulsates when the desired torque level has been achieved and can be used with sheet metal screws, wood screws and self-tapping screws, our slip-clutch models are your best bet. Check out the TWIST and LUF HR screwdrivers. And lastly, for applications that require high accuracy and smooth performance, we recommend using our LUM or LTV screwdriver models. These series are ideal for machine screws and thread-forming screws for plastic.

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