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Познакомьтесь с электрическими инструментами Tensor компании «Атлас Копко»

1 минут на чтение

Tune in as Product Specialist Brittany Samsa talks about Atlas Copco's Tensor Tool family. In this video, Brittany will compare each of the five tool groups within the Tensor family, covering each group's key features, torque ranges and much more.

Get to know Atlas Copco’s Tensor electric tools, including Tensor SL, Tensor SR, Tensor STR, Tensor ST, ST Revo, Tensor ES tools. Watch as Atlas Copco Product Specialist, Brittany, gives a thorough overview of each tool.

The Atlas Copco Tensor family of tools is known for having an extremely wide torque range and versatility. Learn more about these dynamic tools as Brittany covers types of configurations, related controller platform and cable to be used with the tool group, key features and benefits, as well as applications and industry use examples.

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