Error-proofing Solutions

Preventing, identifying or correcting human error

Our error-proofing software, hardware, and smart accessories support you to achieve zero defects and reduce the cost of rework, scrap or warranty claims. Read more

Scalable Quality Solution 3

Get an error proofing software that helps achieving zero defects and reducing cost of rework, scrap or warranty claims. In combination with the industrial PC HLTQ it guides operators step by step through the assembly process, ensuring that all fasteners are torqued with the appropriate tool, the correct program, and the right socket to improve product quality and eliminate waste of material, recording the results of all assembly tasks for traceability purposes.

Smart Assembly Management System

Smart AMS controls the whole tightening process, while your Manufacturing Execution System (MES) drives all areas of the manufacturing process like production management and sequencing. Reduce engineering and maintenance effort using only one interface between Smart AMS and your MES to exchange build information and to send production results for the complete station. Thus, the scalability from one station to the complete production facility becomes extremely effortless.

Assembly Control Node

All models support your digitalization and Industry 4.0 efforts on your assembly line, with process transparency and improved productivity. Built with high-value components perfectly aligned for optimal performance, from the basic Intel® Celeron® CPU to the powerful Intel® Core™ i7 CPU. Robust and user-friendly design, the impact-resistant and high-contrast multi-touch display with an IP65-protection class offers user-friendly handling even with gloves.

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Error-proofing Solutions

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