Nut Setters

Wide range of quality nut setters for every need

With our wide range of nut setters, you can find the perfect match for your needs – making any nut tightening with power tools a quicker and easier process. Read more

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The standard Saltus nut setters

Saltus makes it easy to find a perfect fit with a wide range of high-quality Nut Setters. Saltus Nut Setters are made from pure steel alloy and come in a variation of sizes and models to meet different specifications, challenges and needs. For unique needs we have customized options.

The ROTACTION range of nut setters

Saltus offers ROTACTION nut setters for enhanced control and safety. The ROTACTION concept is designed to meet increasing demands on operator safety and non-marking tools, improving operational efficiency and reducing operator influence on tightening.

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