Mobila luftkompressorer

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Ready to go-serien

2,5–3,5 m3/min/70–135 cfm



7–22 m3/min/275–784 cfm


Productivity Partner-serien

19,7–45,2 m3/min/696–1 596 cfm


Elektriska mobila kompressorer

25 m3/min/900 cfm3h/tryckhöjd upp till 58,5 m


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  • 8 series air compressors leaflet swedish 765 kB, PDF
  • Utility range leaflet Swedish 743.9 kB, PDF
  • medium air compressors leaflet swedish 1.5 MB, PDF
  • Leaflet E-air V250 Swedish 586.7 kB, PDF

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