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Atlas Copco has a long, rich history when it comes to compressing natural gas (CNG). Since the acquisition of Greenfield Compression in 2007, we have further expanded our capabilities and knowledge.

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Atlas Copco's Compressed Natural Gas/RNG Solutions

The CNG & RNG Experts. Our range of expertise covers compressors, dispensers and control systems, along with local partnerships that allow for a complete turn-key installation. Nationwide service and support is assured through this network, along with over 300 factory-direct technicians. We have a specialist rebuild shop in Dallas, TX, and we package units in Houston, TX. 

Robust Support Network. Our local support, coupled with our global network of engineers and competency centers, ensures that there is no such thing as a one size fits all approach and every project is customized to the customer’s needs – maximizing efficiency and uptime.  We couldn't be more proud to serve customers with all their fleet fueling, biogas and virtual pipeline needs.

Did You Know? Financing is available for our CNG and RNG compressors and includes both low-interest and deferred payment options. View financing options here.

Many customers ask us why we’re so passionate about CNG here at Atlas Copco. The reason is simple: it’s clean and economical fuel for not only United States’ fleets, but also Canada and Mexico.

David Walters , National Sales Manager, Atlas Copco

Did you know? We also work with hydrogen compressors and dispensing systems for vehicle fueling! Simply complete this form and we can provide you with some case examples, whitepapers, and product brochures.

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When it comes to CNG applications, our motto is simple:

You find the application and we’ll engineer the solution!

Atlas Copco's Helium Compression Solutions

Helium is used across several manufacturing and healthcare applications. Its advantage? The little known fact that it’s even lighter than air! However, the continued and expanded use of helium for these applications has got some experts concerned about the long-term supply. One thing is clear, if you are working with helium you cannot afford any losses as you compress it to a usable form. The good news? Atlas Copco’s CU Compressors feature pressure-tight crankcases, 100% of the helium remains within the compressor and nothing is lost to atmosphere. Furthermore, to achieve the specific inlet pressure for your process, you can choose from our range of standardized or tailor-made designs. Helium is essential for multiple applications:


  • Respiratory treatment in hospitals
  • MRI magnets for cooling


  • Fiber optic cables for high-speed internet and cable TV
  • Semiconductors in mobile phones and computers
  • Hard drives: filled with helium and not air (lighter and improved quality)
  • Rockets: not as a fuel but to clean fuel tanks of hydrogen and oxygen

Motor Vehicles

  • Semiconductors for electronics
  • Airbags: mostly filled with helium not air
Helium Compressors

CNG and High-Pressure Gas Compressors (22-250 kW/ 30-330 hp)

Biogas Production in Focus
Biogas Production in Focus
Fleet Fueling CNG Solutions
How's High Pressure Used in the CNG Market?
How's High Pressure Used in the CNG Market?
Learn more about CNG applications, including mother-daughter fueling stations and on-line CNG fueling stations.
Learn more about CNG applications, including mother-daughter fueling stations and on-line CNG fueling stations.
Learn more about CNG applications, including mother-daughter fueling stations and on-line CNG fueling stations.