Quotes from Atlas Copco Customers

We're proud to be able to provide effective solutions for our customers. No matter the industry, application, or geography, our equipment can meet your needs. Read on for how our products have helped others!

“ The compressor is so quiet that we were able to locate the unit inside the warehouse. If we went with the other manufacturer we had considered, we
would have had to build a dedicated compressor room due to the noise levels. ”

Russ Bruner , Facilities Engineer, Coca-Cola of Northern New England

“ I love how reliable our compressor is. I don’t have to worry about it not working, or any downtime. We bought it a year and a half ago and still don’t need to service it. ”

Phil Buchy , Owner, Legion Brewing

“ In a food industry like this, we have to be impeccably clean and reliable. Our Atlas Copco system delivers. Atlas Copco compressors had all the things we wanted, including innovative design, energy efficiency, and dependability. We have had excellent success with the entire compressed air system. ”

Larry Stuart , Plant General Manager, Brach's Confections

“ The ROI on this project is incredible. It’s absolutely a no-brainer. Power
consumption facility-wide is down by 15,000 kw/h every month. We are out of pocket for nothing and when the loan is paid off that 15,000 kw/h per month savings will be going right in our pocket. ”

Jon Legere , VP Operations, Modern Woodcrafts LLC

“ Now we have very efficient, very reliable compressors, plus a maintenance package, so we’re pretty autonomous. I would totally recommend Atlas Copco. I already have. ”

David Gazda , Operations Manager, Gorton's Inc.

“ Initially we had a small piston compressor, about 4 hp, but the scroll compressor is a much better unit. It’s quiet and more than sufficient for the needs we have. I couldn’t be happier with the response that I’ve gotten from Atlas Copco. ”

Chief Portale , New Jersey Volunteer Fire Department

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