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Compressed Air and Vacuum Solutions for Woodworking

We offer a complete suite of air compressor, vacuum pump, and service solutions for the woodworking industry.

A Reputation You Can Count On.

We have decades of experience in engineering compressor and vacuum pump products that work - and that are proven to last.

Faster, Better, Quieter.

Hallmarks of our equipment portfolio include energy efficiency, low noise levels, and a clear ROI on all orders. We firmly believe that If there isn't a clear payback, then there shouldn't be a purchase.

We're Around When You Need Us.

We have a nationwide network of service technicians throughout the United States - this ensures that products are running at maximum efficiency and minimum downtime at our customers' sites.

We Help All Companies in the Woodworking Industry.

If your company is an OEM, furniture manufacturer, millwork operations, or a boutique woodworker - or working in any type of capacity within the woodworking industry- we offer a solution for you! Interested in our compressed air options to power your tools? Searching for a reliable vacuum pump with reduced maintenance requirements? Needing to select the perfect provider to help you determine the type and size of equipment you need? Rest assured that we have you covered.

Don't Just Go with the Grain - Research the Vacuum Pump Technologies!

What did your CNC system provider quote - two or more dry vane pumps? While these may be one of the most popular choices, that doesn't make them the right fit. Dry vane pumps are loud and require countless rebuilds - and you must include the cost of the kit, labor, and lost production & maintenance downtime when considering the lifetime cost of the pump. If you've rebuilt more than 3 times, or rebuild more than once a year, it's time to consider upgrading to a new unit.

Two technologies to consider instead? Rotary screw vacuum pumps and dry claw vacuum pumps. Rotary screw pumps are an excellent alternative, providing the ability to tailor vacuum production precisely to meet process demand; reduced noise levels, reduced maintenance costs, and a reduction in energy consumption by up to 50% are additional hallmarks of this range. Dry claw pumps are another excellent choice. Given that there is no lubrication in the pumping chamber, there is no chance that there will be contamination of the end-process. The maintenance on dry claw pumps is also minimal, as the claws do not touch each other or the pump chamber.

Do you use laminating systems or vacuum clamping tables? Atlas Copco also provides rotary screw or lubricated vane pumps that are an excellent fit for these applications.

Compressed Air in Woodworking

In woodworking, compressed air is absolutely crucial in powering the machinery and tools that allow your application to run consistently and efficiently! In cabinetry & furniture manufacturing, air compressors assist in lumber processing, powering pneumatic tools such as nail guns and sprayers, and controlling the movement of lumber. Sawmills utilize compressors to cut logs/lumber to the desired measurements, sorting the lumber by size and length, and even powering the log-kicker.

On-Demand Assessment and Auditing Options.

Unsure as to what type of equipment you may need, or how to determine what size and technologies would be best suited for your processes? Atlas Copco can help! We offer a variety of assessment and auditing options, where we will walk with you through your facility, take a look at your current set-up, and provide data and suggestions for upgraded equipment and system set-up.








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Compressed Air and Vacuum Solutions for Woodworking

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