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LZ series

LZ premium oil-free compressor

A zero-compromise oil-free air solution

One of the most complete oil-free piston compressors on the market today, the LZ meets all your compressed air needs. 

LZ premium oil-free compressor

Key technical specifications

Capacity FAD l/s

174.35 gal/min - 491.36 gal/min

Capacity FAD

23.3 cfm - 65.6 cfm

Working pressure

58 psig - 145 psig

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LZ Premium oil-free compressor
A zero-compromise oil-free air solution
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Need nitrogen? Add the LZ

Are you a frequent user of nitrogen? The Atlas Copco LZ is the high-performance, cost-saving foundation of your nitrogen generation system. The oil-free LZ doesn’t require additional filtration equipment.

As a result, the LZ gives you a more compact footprint, lower maintenance and minimized downtime. Because the LZ doesn’t compromise the adsorbent of the nitrogen generator, your system will last longer as well.

LZ premium oil-free compressor (front)

Premium Performance

Piston compressors have always presented a compelling offer: robust, low maintenance and energy efficient. However, this strong performance typically came with high noise levels and few control options. The Atlas Copco LZ eliminates this trade-off. 

Different power options
5.5 - 15 KW
Pressure levels
4 - 10 bar
Electric potential options
230 / 400 / 460V

Adapted to match your needs

The LZ oil-free piston compressors are reliable and flexible. 

Meet the full range with different power (5.5–15KW), pressure (4–10 bar) and electric potential (230/400/460V) options. Choose from flexible integration options: pack and full feature, base and tank mounted versions available (for the LZ 7/10).

High energy efficiency

The direct driven LZ comes with a number of innovations like a one-bearing motor, load/stop technology… to reduce energy consumption to an impressive minimum.

Quiet operation

Thanks to its sound-insulating canopy, the LZ achieves noise levels as low as 71 db(A), allowing installation to be close to the point of use.

Do you still use nitrogen bottles?

Atlas Copco nitrogen generation systems combine a compressor with a nitrogen generator to create the sustainable and cost-efficient alternative to cylinders or bulk supply. 

More sustainable
A nitrogen generation system provides an independent supply of nitrogen when needed and at the lowest cost, eliminating ordering, transportation, storage and delivery expenses. 

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Technical benefits

Continuous operation
The LZ can offer a 100% duty cycle for uninterrupted service thanks to its oil-free technology and internal cooling fan system.
100% oil-free air
The LZ’s ISO 8573-1 CLASS 0 (2010) certified pump produces unquestionably clean air.
Tank mounted LZ FF (ghost front)

The compressor you can trust

Complete control
The LZ comes with the Atlas Copco Mk 5 already built in to give you advanced electronic control and monitoring. The one-touch controller is easy to use, optimizing both performance and reliability.
High reliability
With an operational lifetime of 20,000 hours, the LZ is a long-term companion. Because the LZ doesn’t use any oil, it will last longer with only minimal service.


Technical specifications

Technical Property Value

Capacity FAD l/s

174.35 gal/min - 491.36 gal/min

Capacity FAD

23.3 cfm - 65.6 cfm

Working pressure

58 psig - 145 psig

Installed motor power

7.5 HP - 20 HP

Capacity FAD m³/min

0.72 m³/min - 2.2 m³/min

 (50 Hz versions)


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