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PET bottle compressor ZP: air-cooled and plug & play

The plug-and-play reliable solution to meet your high-pressure PET compressed air bottle production needs. The airflow of our PET bottle compressor ranges from 50 to 235 l/s (110-498 cfm).

We offer a unique hassle-free solution leading to many benefits for your workmen, production, and the environment.

PET bottle compressor ZP

Meet the air-cooled ZP PET bottle compressor

Key technical specifications

Capacity FAD l/s

18.9 gal/min - 50.8 gal/min

Capacity FAD

182 cfm - 492 cfm

Working pressure

580 psig - 580 psig
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40 bar air-cooled compressor ZP – Protect your production

Accidental contamination increases the risk of production downtime and may lead to expensive cleaning of your process. Our 40 bar air-cooled solution powered by our oil-free technology leads to immediate savings.

It's not only your production that’s at stake but also your reputation. We provide high-purity clean air for pet bottle blowing. The ZP protects your company’s reputation in the marketplace, ensures safety, and helps protect the environment.

PET bottles
Plug and play PET compressor
The ZP air-cooled PET bottle compressor is installed in no time. Minimal installation costs thanks to the compact design, integrated components, and unique base frame.
Rod drop technology & connectivity
Our high pressure air compressors make use of built-in sensors and optimizing systems. This leads to increased reliability and lower maintenance costs. Using SMARTlink enables you to know the status of your compressor at all times
Online monitoring
Boost your performance with the user-friendly Elektronikon® unit controller. This gives you the possibility to monitor your compressors on - and offline. Resulting in major benefits like reduced energy consumption and maintenance times.

Energy savings up to 35%

PET bottle compressor

More than 80% of a compressor’s lifecycle cost comes from energy consumption. Therefore we focus on reducing your energy bill by adapting your compressors’ output with the demanded air input.

On average we save your company 35% of the energy cost usually related to compressor costs. This gives you a competitive, cost-effective advantage

Optimal lifetime thanks to our in-house developed drive

Neos drive in our PET bottle compressor

Our air-cooled high pressure air compressors ZP are built to operate round the clock in your PET blow molding operation. We pioneered variable-speed drive compressors and developed an integrated drive tailor-made to our compressors.

This was based on several years of experience and interaction with our customers in different applications. Simple, robust, and eco-friendly, our in-house developed drive Neos operates trouble-free in the harshest conditions.


ZP compressor benefits

Savings in water treatment and consumption
We are the only manufacturer using air-cooled technology suitable for a 50°C ambient environment. This technology makes accessories such as cooling water towers, cooling water pumps redundant, resulting in lower maintenance costs and less space
Noise levels below 78 dba
The ZP – 40 bar air compressor leads to a significant reduction in noise level compared to piston compressors. The closed canopy design reduces any excessive noise to a maximum of 78 dba, ensuring maximal working comfort.
Oil-free air technology
Our PET oil-free air compressors ensure oil-free air due to their PTFE piston rings. Resulting in no risk of contamination, damaged products or losses from operational downtime.


Technical specification

Technical Property Value

Capacity FAD l/s

18.9 gal/min - 50.8 gal/min

Capacity FAD

182 cfm - 492 cfm

Working pressure

580 psig - 580 psig

Installed motor power

75 HP - 180 HP

Capacity FAD m³/min

0 m³/min - 0 m³/min

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