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Working Safe

Do you have questions about the safe servicing of your site equipment?

On top of our already stringent safety processes, here are additional ways in which we have adapted to better serve you during this time:

Pre-Arrival and Arrival Procedure:

  • We will call the customer before arriving and talk you through what you will be doing and the arrival procedure.
  • We will inform the customer about the extra precautions and social distancing guidelines we will be following.
  • We will ask for any parts on-site to be delivered to the compressor room for us.
  • We will ask the customer about any special site safety requirements related to COVID-19.
  • We will always attempt to work out a way to conduct the visit without coming into contact with anybody.
  • If we have to meet, we will plan to do this away from high-traffic areas (such as reception areas) and always practice social distancing.
  • We always carry face coverings and these will be used subject to working conditions and PPE needed.
Service Tech at Port Washington WWTP, vertical shot with service van

Safe Working:

  • We only start work on a job site when we have ascertained it’s safe to do so.
  • We will wipe down any high-touch areas before coming into contact with them and after work.
  • We will wear gloves when handling parts.
  • We will remove any disposable PPE equipment (gloves etc.) at the site and put straight into the trash and sanitize all equipment before leaving site.
  • We no longer require signatures for work orders to avoid sharing laptops or tablets.
  • We maintain social distancing at all times and use face coverings as guided and recommended.
  • We continue with regimented hand washing and sanitization, while following CDC website advice and avoid touching our face.
  • We observe our own health closely and stay home if feeling unwell.
  • We keep our vehicles and workspaces sanitized.
  • With very few exceptions, all on site jobs will be completed by one person.
Service technician with service van.
Closeup of Service Tech with GHS Vacuum Pump

Company Actions:

  • All offices remain open (virtually or physically) and we are available for calls, emails and all inquiries.
  • We have set up company, national and global crisis committees who are engaging each other and our external partners to ensure we stay on top of any developments.
  • We have implemented our business continuity plan to deal with the escalation of the virus.
  • We have a clear quarantine and isolation procedure for people who have symptoms, may have been exposed to the virus or travelled to a higher-risk location.