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The Atlas Copco ZBP 30-60 208V is an Energy Storage System is designed to meet the requirements for off and on grid applications. Ideal for renewable power plants. Based in lithium ion batteries, this portable product is ready to supply power in the most demanding situation, working in island mode, hybrid solution together with a diesel generator or in parallel with more ESS. A greener solution for a more efficient performance.

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  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Excellent cycling performance
  • Low internal resistance and high efficiency
  • ECO controller provides intuitive control and monitoring for all batteries and power electronics integrated in the battery pack
  • High availability of options for this model
  • The system has a overloading capability up to twice their nominal values
  • The ZenergiZe delivers zero CO2 emissions, zero noise, and have zero maintenance needs, enabling operators to minimize environmental impact
  • Removable Panels
  • Emergency Stop
  • Remote Start / Stop


  • Reduced total cost of ownership with easy access for mechanics
  • 2 Variable modes: Island & Hybrid Mode
  • Island mode: Ideal for remote applications, events or night loads demand.
  • Hybrid mode: Ideal to solve low loads problems or cover peak demands, fuel saving are an evidence of its sustainability.
  • Versatility, giving you the flexibility to match your machine to the correct application
  • Reliable and intuitive controls for ease of use and diagnostic capabilities
  • Eco Friendly & greener solution for a more efficient performance

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Nominal rated power (PF=0,8) kW / kVA 24 / 30
Nominal energy storage capacity kWh 57.6
Net energy stored* kWh 53.57
Rated voltage (60Hz) VAC 208/120 (Adjustable 165 - 222)
Battery system voltagestar w/neutral)  VDC 48
Nominal rated AC current 67
Passthrougharallel star w/neutral)  A 200

Depth of discharge



Autonomy at rated power (90%) C1 - 2.6 hour

Recharging time (@DoD%)



THDu %  
THDi %  
Parking mode recharging (@DoD%) h 62
Cell chemistry   Lithium Ion phosphate LiFePO4
Operating temperature °F / °C -10 to 50 / 14 to 122
Dimensions (L x W x H) in 57" x 49" x 74"
Weightg-Zag)  lb / kg 3057
Sound pressure level@1m dB(A) <70


Quanitity 12 Efficiency % 92%
Nominal voltage (V) 48 Min Charge Temperature (°C) -8 / 17.6
Nominal capacity (Wh) 4800 Overcurrent capability up to 2 x Nominal current
Maximum DoD % 95% End of Discharge/Charge Volt (V) 11
Cycles   IP 12


Quanitity 6 Efficiency % 96%
Input voltage range (V DC)  38 - 66 Charger (A) 200
Individual nominal power (kVA) 5 Storage mode (Vdc) 53
Overload capability (kW) up to 2 x Nominal power Current starter battery (A) 4


Power supply (V DC) 8 - 70 Internal data storage capacity (h) 48
Communication ports 2 x (VE.Direct ports, RJ45, USB)    
Operating temperature °C/F -20 to 50°C / -4 to 122F    

Applications & Use Cases

Applications & Use Cases

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