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Quality assurance devices, STpad and STpalm, operator guidance, visual check

Increase uptime in Quality Assurance

Increase uptime in quality, by performing all the checks in the line with one single device.

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Increase flexibility

Perform simultaneous operations

Quick and easy traceability

Increase uptime while covering all Quality Applications

Use a single device for any type of quality checks in the line: Tool check, joint check, visual check and dimensional check. STpad is the core device in QA Platform 4.0 and can be used either with IRC-Connect, STwrench or with STbench, seamlessly, moving from one to another. You can visualize and receive real time results feedback and data thanks to the unique interaction between STpad and QA Supervisor software. It can even work in stand-alone mode. With 2D barcode reader and camera integrated, it keeps full traceability data that can be transferred and safely stored in a database.

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