Tensor STB

Unique fastening performance and advance process control


Atlas Copco Assembly Tools

Introducing our assembly tools in a short brief going thru some of our applications.


Great capability

The tools have the capability to communicate with Bluetooth or W-LAN together with Power Focus controller.

No more cables

No more cables and cable management.

Intelligent accessories

Internal bus connection for intelligent accessories such as a bar code reader and torque selector reducing time to read identifiers or switch between programs.

Advance controller

Get the most of the assembly with Power Focus 6000 controllers

Tensor STB

A fast, light, transducerized cordless tool, the Tensor STB pistol grip nutrunner is ideal for safety critical applications in cramped and large assembly areas where it offers improved accessibility and mobility. No other battery powered tool can match Tensor STB’s unique fastening performance and advanced process control. Atlas Copco Industrial Radio Communication (IRC) enables the Tensor STB to be partnered with a Power Focus controller for accurate torque monitoring and full joint traceability. At a typical workstation, one Tensor STB tool can be used for several applications within the same torque range.

Example technical information for the Tensor ETP STB33-06-10-B (8433 3120 25)
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