Industrial Location Guidance, ILG product photo

Industrial Location Guidance, ILG

Industrial Location Guidance (ILG) is the perfect tool to ensure consistent production quality and throughput. ILG is an integrated, stand-alone error proofing system that offers high-level process security for applications ranging from simple to complex. It tracks the exact location of the tool relative to the desired fastening position, ensuring the correct fasteners are tightened to specification, in the proper sequence. Comprised of ILG software, positioning hardware and tightening controller, the system combines the functionality of a tightening system with position and process control.


Production quality through process security
Less rework and scrapped parts
Clear diagnostics
Increased productivity
Intuitive design for easy start-up


Provides tightening data based on location
Provides assembly traceability
Configurable reject management
Configurable user interface
Tightening positions with start and finish
Visual indicators for status and feedback
Reject management – rework workpieces offline