The Mumbai-Pune Expressway project: shotcreting the tunnel

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In India, between two of the biggest cities of the country, a new and fast connection road is being built. The new expressway will decrease commuting times with an incredible 45 minutes. Besides, the project will guarantee a safer route, since the existing road often falls victim to severe monsoon weather conditions, causing dangerous landslides. 

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The Mumbai-Pune Expressway

Mumbai is one of the most densely populated cities in the world. Its population has increased significantly over the last half century and it continues to grow rapidly - as does its traffic. The roads are congested and overcrowded, making traveling an often unpleasant experience. Mudslides caused by monsoon weather conditions also critically impact traffic delays, as well as threatening the safety of commuters.

To improve the situation on the road, a new and reliable connection expressway is being built between Mumbai and Pune, two of the biggest commercial cities of the country. The Mumbai-Pune Expressway is an ongoing project that consists of the construction of different tunnels, bridges and roads, creating a reliable shortcut for the existing road. Scheduled for completion next year, people are working 24/7 on this prestigious project to ensure its success. It will decrease travel time by an incredible 45 minutes and improve the safety of those traveling.

E-Air - Shotcreting the tunnel without emissions

RVR projects is one of the two contractors on-site to take on the tough job of building the expressway’s tunnels. The local construction specialist opted to use two of its thirteen Atlas Copco electric air compressors for shotcreting the hanging and side walls of the underground excavation. The sprayed concrete strengthens the tunnel while leaving the structure of the rocks intact. 

The working conditions in the 10 kilometers of tunnel are tough. Inside it is dusty, muddy, and very hot, with the temperature rising to a scorching 45 degrees Celsius. To withstand these extreme conditions, RVR Projects choose the zero emission, low cost and quiet portable air compressors. The electric compressors are working 24/7 to keep the project running continuously, maintaining a supply of clean air at all times to help improve the air quality and reduce the noise for those working inside the tunnels.

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The Mumbai-Pune Expressway project: shotcreting the tunnel

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