The HardHat® canopy

The indestructible canopy for mobile compressors

What makes a PE canopy the better option?

The yellow hat doesn’t only give our machines their iconic look, it also helps them to keep that look during a lifetime of heavy duty. Polyethylene is a strong, light, medium-density polymer that is resistant to corrosion and discoloration. 

It’s not just vanity, it’s functionality as well. A HardHat is maintenance-free and corrosion resistant, unlike metal canopies that need several layers of special paint to fend off the effects of acid rain, salt and extreme temperatures. A HardHat will last a lifetime, without any work or maintenance from your side.

When the going gets tough… you better have a canopy that protects your investment. The HardHat PE canopy is durable, light, corrosion-resistant and virtually indestructible. At the end of the compressor’s lifetime, your HardHat will have your machine looking like new, ensuring a high resale value.

The toughest compressor canopy in the world

HardHat after a crash

8 series after rolling down an embankment. The HardHat? Hardly a scratch.

The HardHat may be lightweight it’s the toughest possible material for a compressor canopy. We’ve tested it in labs and field, our test engineers as well as customers dropped rocks and rubble on it and rolled it down hills. The HardHat hardly suffers a scratch. Exactly what your compressor needs to protect its most vital and expensive core components.

The HardHat has been around for almost 15 years now, and if you every come across one of those oldest HardHat compressors, you'll notice it looks at good as new.

Has the HardHat stood the test of time?

Red Dot Design Award for the 8 series

Red Dot Design Award

The first HardHat was born in 2005 and got implemented on small compressors and light towers. In 2015, after a decade of proving its merit, the HardHat won the Red Dot Design Award in the category Product Design. In 2017 the 8 series with HardHat won the award again, because of its light (below 750kg) and compact design.

Looking for a custom color compressor?

The HardHat is happy to fit in and comes in almost any color you like. If you’d like a compressor that fits seamlessly in your equipment fleet you can ask your sales representative for the option “special colors” and choose from a wealth of colors.

Why is a compressor's weight important?

The PE canopy contributes to the compressor’s low weight. Contrary to many metal counterparts, a 5m³/min compressor with HardHat almost always weighs below 750 kg. That is the weight limit for a normal passenger car to tow the compressor without special driving license. A lightweight machine can save on transport costs and it’s generally easier to move around. Especially if you’re renting your compressors out, you’ll want to look for an easy-to-tow compressor under 750 kg.
How much can your compressor take? This is a Hardhat from the first generation, enduring some rough conditions....
Tow and go, whatever the road is like

Dispelling Myths: Light toughness

Meet the legend!

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