WEDA D70 electric submersible pump presents Wear Deflector

August 19, 2021

We will dedicate this post to our newest technological development: Atlas Copco's Wear Deflector Technology. It first saw the light in our most recent product addition, the WEDA D70 electric submersible pump.

The features of this electric drainage pump model will also be in the rest of the range models. So, the innovative Wear Deflector Technology will be part of the whole WEDA range, improving pump performance!

Why did we develop this technology on an electric drainage pump?

These submersible pumps end up in the most varying applications that one can imagine. Not two applications are the same. The electric drainage pump must be as robust and versatile as possible. And, at the same time, it must be portable, plug-and-pump and easy to inspect and maintain.

Unplanned or impromptu downtime highly affects pump performance. Moreover, it can endanger a mine's working environment or a construction site's accessibility.

The know-how is vital to successfully design an electric submersible pump ready to face all these aspects. It is essential to have the right tools and a clear view of what is at stake. In the worst-case scenario, a flood on site can put at risk human lives and capital equipment.

Pump performance and the Wear Deflector Technology

wear deflector technology

Cut-away submersible pump

When we talk about pumps, we get passionate about the nuts and bolts. To better explain the drainage electric pump hydraulic design, we have this cutaway image. The upper diffuser is in orange polyurethane, the impeller is in high chrome cast iron and the lower diffuser is in black NRB rubber.

This innovative hydraulic design is the Wear Deflector Technology. It allows an electric submersible pump to deal with sand-laden water month after month with only the slightest impact on performance. Conventional electric drainage pump designs have to walk the fine line between performance and solids-handling. However, our WEDA Wear Deflector Technology combines the best of the two worlds.

wear deflector technology

Wear Deflector Technology design for submersible pumps

Where possible, the design includes closed impellers, renowned for their positive impact on pump performance. Patented diffuser vanes protect the impeller, deflecting the solids away from the diffuser and the impeller, specifically the critical wear areas!

In the picture, you can see the closed impeller and the upper diffuser (in orange). The impeller area, highlighted in yellow, is protected to safeguard pump performance. The impeller shroud vanes, together with the diffuser deflector vanes, shield this critical area.

They deflect solid particles suspended in the pumped liquid. This hydraulic design prolongs the electric submersible pump life cycle and enables long-lasting pump performance.

Deflector vanes

Lower diffuser solids deflector vanes

Is it only the Wear Deflector Technology that saves the day?

The new WEDA hydraulic design is a major leap in electric submersible pump engineering. However, the WEDA D70 has other features to accomplish long-lasting performance. Always with ease-of-installation and serviceability in mind.

The WEDA D70 electric drainage pump has a top discharge design. It is ideal for general dewatering applications and pumping groundwater and raw water. The new WEDA model can reliably pump water with specific gravity up to 1.1. And it can handle water with solids up to 10 mm in diameter (0.39 in). 

Additionally, the WEDA drainage pumps have an outstanding power-to-weight ratio. They weigh up to 40 percent less than competitive products and have a very compact design. All this makes WEDA drainage pumps easy to handle and move around a site. The aluminum body provides strength and excellent corrosion resistance.  

If you are still wondering how to select the right submersible pump, you can try our new Pump Sizing Calculator. It will help you to find the pump you need in a few clicks!

Bart Duijvelaar

 With 19 years of experience in dewatering pumps. Bart has been a pump specialist with several pump brands in the world. In 2021, he was appointed Product Marketing Manager for submersible pumps at the Atlas Copco Power and Flow division.

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Bart Duijvelaar

Bart Duijvelaar

Product Marketing Manager - Submersible Pumps

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