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4 ways impact wrenches cut production time

Atlas Copco’s range of impact wrenches are designed to bring raw power to operators in all torque applications.

With an excellent power-to-weight ratio and unmatched speed, our impact wrenches are able to cover a wide torque range, offering superior productivity on the assembly line. They’re safe and comfortable to use, providing operators with dependability and long service life. Read on to discover four specific ways that Atlas Copco impact wrenches can cut production time on the assembly line.

Reduced vibrations

All of our impact wrenches, no matter the series being used, are designed with ergonomics as a top priority. At Atlas Copco, we believe that productivity and fast production time goes hand in hand with strong ergonomics, which is why our impact wrenches are built with minimal vibration and noise levels. This feature allows operators to work with our impact wrenches for a more prolonged period of time without damaging their nerves or hearing. Increased productivity, in this scenario, leads to decreased production time, all while keeping your operators comfortable and safe.

Lightweight housing

Along the same line, ergonomics goes further than vibration and noise levels. Our impact wrenches have a top of the line power-to-weight ratio, meaning that operators can work even longer on the assembly line, eliminating the risk of muscle strain but maintaining the power of the tool. The Atlas Copco LMS8 series is housed entirely in metal, while the W24 and W29 series are housed in robust aluminum and magnesium. Both housing materials allow for high durability in harsh environments. Despite this, they are lightweight and comfortable to handle compared to competitor tools. Built with ergonomic rubber grip handles, operators can use and work with Atlas Copco impact wrenches for longer, increasing productivity and cutting production time.

Faster rundowns

Atlas Copco’s impact wrenches provide operators with faster rundowns than other impact wrenches on the market. The clutch design of our LMS8 impact wrench is built to maximize engagement between the hammer and anvil, allowing for the tightest possible tolerances and a precise fit. This precision and engagement result in the tool’s ability to build energy rapidly, leading to a quicker rundown. Both the W29 and W24 PRO impact wrench series contain a twin hammer impact mechanism with four torque settings. This mechanism allows for quicker rundowns and fast tightening, cutting production time on the line.

Maintaining power

Finally, the fourth way our impact wrenches cut production time is by their durability. Compared to impact wrench competition, Atlas Copco’s range is proven to maintain power for a longer amount of time before requiring maintenance or service. The W29 series features steel motor parts that ensure a long life. The LMS8 series contain a powerful and durable six-vane motor along with a sealed clutch, extending the life of the components inside. In the end, these features all add up to the ability to be more productive on the line for a longer amount of time, reducing production time and cutting costs.

In summary

Made with ergonomics and speed as top priorities, Atlas Copco’s broad range of impact wrenches are able to cut production time while increasing productivity on the assembly line. The durability and rapid rundowns of these impact wrenches result in a reduction of production time. With ergonomic features that include lightweight tool housing and reduced vibration and noise levels, operators are able to use our tools in production for a much longer period of time with less of a risk to their health and safety, which is of utmost importance to us. Our impact wrenches have it all.

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