Straight grinder

Maximum power, maximum accessibility


Product safety for grinders

Product safety for grinders. Learn more about safety features on Atlas Copco grinders and what measures the operator has to take to take for a safe operation. Atlas Copco puts safety first and all our tools are tested at our plants.



Rigid design

With low maintenance requirements


Low noise, low vibrations


Autobalancer available on selected models

For straight weels

Straight grinders are normally used when grinding inside larger cavities or on open surfaces.

GTR 40 is the most powerful straight grinder in our range. The power of the turbine makes it one of the best in its class. LSR 43/48/64 tools are durable and ideal for tougher applications. The LSR 48 has an Autobalancer as standard to minimize vibrations. LSR 28 is for lighter applications where accessibility is the first priority. A highly efficient dampening system minimizes vibration.

For cone wheels

Straight grinders with cone wheels or collets are suitable for grinding or smoothing of edges, welds, holes and cavities in castings. They require rough abrasives, which must be attached to the tool with a rigid shank or to be mounted directly to the spindle. The power ranges from 0.7 kW to 2 kW.

All Atlas Copco tools are designed with focus on operator ergonomics and maximum power, the best combination for maximum productivity. The LSR28 and 38 are suitable for lighter applications where accessibility is first priority. LSR43 has a proven and rigid design, and is suitable for those really tough applications where durability is needed.

If you need maximum power, then LSR48 is the natural choice. You will have access to 2 kW in combination with an autobalancer for even less vibrations.

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