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Do More with Less

Did you know you can save energy costs and increase process efficiency using Atlas Copco’s range of intelligent and energy saving Variable Speed Drive series of oil-sealed, dry and liquid ring vacuum pumps.

The need for energy efficiency in modern industry

Energy efficiency
With the growing concern about rapidly increasing energy costs due to world events and climate change, many industries are focused on reducing energy costs. For a factory manager, reducing overall costs at a production facility is of paramount importance. This is especially true of industries that intensively use vacuum applications. In most modern industrial production facilities vacuum applications are the most used utility. Moreover, the fact is vacuum applications are also one of the largest consumers of energy.

Given this reality, energy efficiency associated with the vacuum applications production chain has a significant impact on both power utility costs and the environment. One answer is the use of renewable energy sources and technologies.

The more immediate way to reduced environmental impact is improved energy efficiency. For any industrial application or production facility there are ways to lower their carbon footprint and improve energy efficiency.

How does Atlas Copco Vacuum define energy efficiency?

Do More with Less

Atlas Copco is an industrial vacuum pump manufacturer, that develops vacuum pumps that run efficiently because we understand the needs of the industries we serve. Whatever the application, we provide suitable vacuum pumps, solutions and service. As a leading innovator in the industrial vacuum pump market, we have a continued focus on vacuum pump efficiency that translates into energy and running cost savings for our customers. Our vacuum pump technology is the starting point in providing a total vacuum solution for dedicated point-of-use machines and central vacuum systems.

To keep it simple, for Atlas Copco Vacuum energy efficiency means doing more or achieving more with less. There are two ways to approach this; either a machine is energy efficient when it delivers the same performance using lesser energy or a machine works better than before with the same amount of energy. Is there a newer way to analyze and measure energy efficiency? How does an energy efficient product affect the production and operational efficiency of the entire production line or even the entire factory?


Variable Speed Drive (VSD) enabled vacuum pumps from Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco’s innovative vacuum pumps are powerful workhorses that keep industrial processes across diverse industries at a constant flow. This constant expenditure of energy means constant costs, leading plant and maintenance managers to continually look for solutions to maximize energy and operational efficiency – which simply means – Do More with Less.    

At Atlas Copco Vacuum, our Variable Speed Drive (VSD) driven vacuum pumps are key to significantly reducing energy and power utility costs for our industrial customers. Simply put, instead of operating at a fixed speed constantly, VSD technology enables the vacuum pump to adjust and adapt to the current demand from the process. 

VSD technology has other advantages too. Many factories have a centralized vacuum system with multiple vacuum pumps. When demand increases an additional machine starts. Fixed speed pumps are ill-equipped to deal with such temporary spikes and demand because when demand drops again all pumps continue to run. Typically, a minimum run period of 10 minutes is needed to prevent mechanical damage. An Atlas Copco variable speed vacuum pump is much better suited to deal with such fluctuating demand. Due to these innovations, Atlas Copco is an industry leader in both operational performance and energy efficiency. 

Setpoint control to optimize your process and save energy

Atlas Copco variable speed vacuum pumps have opened opportunities to save energy by way of process optimization. Possibly the most significant of this is the concept of setpoint control. By allowing your factory manager or process engineer to define the operating pressure at a precise level and then modify that setting even after the vacuum system is installed, significant savings can be achieved. 

Variable Speed Drive (VSD) enabled vacuum pumps from Atlas Copco

GHS VSD+ - Intelligent oil-sealed rotary screw vacuum pumps

Clean. Silent. Energy-efficient. Our GHS VSD+ cuts your energy costs by potentially 50%* or more and increases your production efficiency.

*In most applications compared to traditional fixed speed vacuum technologies based on measurement with our Vbox energy audit tool.

LRP VSD+ - Intelligent liquid ring vacuum pump series with twin VSD

The LRP VSD+ intelligent liquid ring vacuum pump; a plug and play solution that is a blend of modern design, classic technology, and outstanding reliability, built for rugged applications.

DWS VSD + - Intelligent dry screw vacuum pumps with VSD technology

The DWS VSD+ series of dry screw vacuum pumps, equipped with ElektronikonTM are designed for harsh industrial applications and offer lower lifecycle costs, higher productivity, less energy consumption, and low maintenance.

DZM VSD+- Dry multi-claw vacuum system with VSD technology

A complete multi-claw vacuum pumping system in a box.
A solution perfectly designed to meet your larger process demands.

GVS VSD+ - Variable speed rotary vane vacuum pumps

GVS 80-400 VSD⁺ is a range of compact direct-driven rotary vane vacuum pumps that are single stage, oil sealed, air cooled and have the VSD⁺ inverter-drive technology built in. The VSD drive located on top of the pump ensures pressure setpoint control.

DZS VSD+ - Dry claw vacuum pumps with VSD technology

The DZS 100 VSD⁺, DZS 200 VSD⁺ and DZS 400 VSD⁺ are a range of Class 0 certified dry claw vacuum pumps; single stage, oil-free, air-cooled and with the VSD⁺ inverter drive technology built-in.

DHS VSD+ - Compact dry screw vacuum pump with VSD technology

The DHS 065-200 VSD+ is a fully air-cooled, compact and clean dry screw vacuum pump. VSD equipped and controlled with the MKV Elektronikon® - the pump includes built-in intelligence and optimum vacuum levels with Variable Speed Drive.

HEX@™ Controller - Sixth sense intelligence through connectivity and control

With HEX@ you can monitor and control your pump from anywhere and at any time. You can receive feedback and review pump operating status, vacuum levels and upcoming scheduled events for your vacuum system.

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Do More with Less

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