Fast software and functionality management upgrades

Two software partitions

The PowerFocus 6000 has two software partitions. This redundancy allows two different software versions to reside on the controller; one active and one passive. A new software version can be loaded onto the passive side via USB while the controller is being used and activated at a later time. An entire software upgrade can take less than five minutes. All configurations and tightening data are retained. If there is a problem with the new software, the controller can quickly be switched back as the older version is still on the passive partition. This makes software upgrades fast and risk free.

ToolsTalk 2 and FMS

With the Functionality Management System, software upgrades and new functionality can be downloaded via the internet. ToolsTalk 2 can be used to manage all of the PF6000 controllers in a plant. It will organize them in a structure that resembles the plant layout. System controllers can be searched for and updated from a remote location.

Functionality Management System Overview


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