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Webinar: Product comparison within Tensor family

Welcome to the ‘Product Comparison within the Tensor family’ webinar, led by Brittany Samsa-Middaugh. 

Brittany is a Product Specialist here at Atlas Copco. In this webinar, we’re exploring all the tooling options that make up the Tensor family of transducerized tools. Brittany begins with the high-speed, low-torque option, the Tensor SL. It comes in the right angle, straight/in-line, pistol grip, and fixtured configurations. It’s ESD and safety-critically rated, with a torque range of .3-20 Nm. The Tensor SL works with the Power Focus 6000LV controller, the low-voltage option, and has a smaller cable. 

Brittany moves on to the Tensor SR, a transducerized tool with a torque range of 1.5-30Nm. It comes in right angle, pistol grip, and straight/in-line configurations and is ESD-rated, with an accuracy of +/-5% for safety-critical applications. With its higher speed, the Tensor SR offers compact productivity and a reduction in cycle times. It utilizes the Power Focus 6000 (PF6000) and has a different cable than the Tensor SL. 

The Tensor STR tool is described next. This tool brings ergonomics and productivity to entirely new levels. It comes in six configurations: right angle, straight/in-line, pistol grip, two trigger, crowfoot, and open-ended tube nut. Like the Tensor SR, it uses the PF6000 and the same cable. This transducerized tool is IP54-rated for safety-critical accuracy, with a new motor design that dissipates heat 20% better than the ST tool, extending tool life. It has the ability to use advanced tightening strategies like TurboTight and TrueAngle

Following the STR tool, Brittany begins explaining the Tensor ST tool, which offers expansive torque and versatility. Coming in right angle, straight/in-line, pistol grip, crowfoot, and open-ended tube nut configurations, it has a torque range of 1-4,000 Nm and uses the same cables and controller as the Tensor STR. It has safety-critical accuracy and 100% digital communication. An extension of the Tensor ST group is the Tensor ST REVO, our REVOlutionary, extremely high torque option. It’s available only in a pistol grip configuration and offers a torque range of 60-8,000 Nm. 

The final product line in the Tensor family is the Tensor ES, our robust and reliable transducerized tool that once used the phased-out Power Focus 600. Now able to use the PF6000 controller, it is still available in right angle, straight/in-line, pistol grip, fixtured, crowfoot, and open-ended tube nut configurations. It differs from the other tools in this family because it is a quality-critical tool, with a torque range of .8-120 Nm. The Tensor ES has a durable motor, is hotspot capable, and has smart feedback options.  


Brittany Middaugh

Product Specialist

Meet Brittany Middaugh. Brittany has been a Product Specialist since 2019. Brittany is responsible for the Power Focus 4000 and electric corded tools, and she assists with the Power Focus 6000. She considers herself relatively new to the industrial tools and assembly industry but has already gained an extraordinary amount of knowledge, using every experience to expand her level of expertise.

Brittany has always been drawn to technology and innovation and is proud to be a part of Atlas Copco where both are highly valued. Through her role as a Product Specialist, she’s had the opportunity to find process improvements and loves being able to work with her team to implement them. She’s skilled at thinking outside the box and believes that her favorite part of her job at Atlas Copco is brainstorming new tool and assembly ideas and working on product developments.

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