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FAQ: What is tool calibration in the nutshell?

Our calibration expert explains the definitions of a few key terms in order to avoid misunderstandings. In practice, these terms are often used in incorrect contexts or are understood incorrectly.

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Understand Atlas Copco Tool calibration service

Professional torque, angle and force calibrations increase the quality, reduce rework and risk of liability costs. Performed by our calibration experts, all Atlas Copco calibrations fulfill global and national requirements. 

Atlas Copco Tool Calibration service provides you with: 
• Atlas Copco Tool calibration certificates following relevant standards
• Both in lab and on-site calibration services
• Functional test before calibration
• Calibration including adjustment of tool (where applicable)
• Performed only with traceable reference equipment
• Calibration due-date reminders
• Retrievable calibration certificates for at least 10 years

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