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DuraPulse®: Improve production uptime, reduce tool maintenance

Pulse tools require efficient oil and air separation in order to run at their highest performance. No matter the pulse tool technology, be it air over hydraulic pulsing or electric over hydraulic pulsing, inefficient air and oil separation in the pulse unit of the tool can result in unplanned downtime and increased tool maintenance due to oil leakage.


This is why we’ve developed DuraPulse®, Atlas Copco’s all-new oil separator technology within the pulse units of our pneumatic ErgoPulse PTI and electric TBP pulse tools. Read on to learn how our DuraPulse® oil separator technology improves production uptime and increases service intervals!

LRT SRB TBP values features illustration

How DuraPulse® works

With DuraPulse®, a strong sealant works in conjunction with an Airosep separator to create a technology that ensures oil in the tool remains exactly where it’s needed, reducing unplanned production downtime. Improved sealing in the front housing and handle of the pulse tools, along with the Aerosep separator, avoids oil leakage and air bubbles during use.

This technology is featured only in the air over hydraulic ErgoPulse PTI and the electric over hydraulic TBP pulse tool makes for a powerful pulse tool that optimizes production uptime and requires less maintenance.

Longer service intervals with a highly durable tool

The traditional pulse tool requires frequent servicing in order to provide operators with peak tool performance. This is often a result of inefficient air and oil separation within the pulse unit of the tool. DuraPulse® greatly minimizes this issue. By maintaining the correct oil and air mixture in the high-pressure area of the pulse unit, DuraPulse® can increase tool service intervals by up to five times.

As a result, service costs are significantly reduced while production uptime is streamlined. Further, a Smart service alarm featured exclusively on the TBP pulse tool alerts operators when tool service is needed. This simplifies tool maintenance and ensures your electric or pneumatic pulse tool is operating at maximum performance.  

Ergopulse PTI

Eliminate unplanned downtime in production

If a traditional pulse tool fails, or if there is an error in production, unplanned downtime in production can wreak havoc. Until the issue is resolved, a spare or backup tool may be required, and your production may be forced to remain idle until the issue is resolved. This can be avoided with Atlas Copco’s DuraPulse® separator technology.

The new design sealing of the pulse unit front cap in the TBP pulse tool and the ErgoPulse PTI significantly reduces oil leakage with efficient air and oil separation within the pulse unit. This makes for an extremely durable pulse tool that is able to maintain high performance even if oil leakage has occurred, all thanks to DuraPulse. With a reliable workhorse like the ErgoPulse PTI or the TBP pulse tool, you can count on a major decrease in unplanned downtime in production and related service costs.

Do you want to learn more about the DuraPulse® technology, or about other pulse tool options? Contact us and schedule a demo today!

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