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Easy line adjustments and rebalancing with Tensor IxB integrated controller tools

Today’s manufacturing, no matter your industry or segment, requires flexibility on the production line. The ability to adjust and rebalance your operation’s tools and systems to meet the demand of your customers is a critical element to an efficient, high output production line. Despite its importance in production, adjusting or rebalancing an assembly line can be a costly, difficult process for traditional workstation setups.

This is where Atlas Copco’s newest tooling range enters the picture. The Tensor IxB family of tools, consisting of the Tensor ITB (a traditional right angle nutrunner) and the Tensor ICB (a smaller, more compact version), feature built-in controllers with advanced functionalities integrated directly into the tool itself. Read on to learn how the Tensor IxB integrated controller tools enable significantly easier line adjustments and reduce rebalancing time!

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Eliminate complexity and remain flexible, quick, and in control of your line

On modern production lines seen today, there is typically one physical controller per workstation. On top of that, stations often require cables that supply power (among other things, such as ethernet or Fieldbus capabilities). Even further, many operations have multiple stations, each requiring their own controller and cable setup. Now, what happens when you decide to rebalance or adjust your production lines in order to match your production rate to your takt time?

The Tensor IxB family of integrated controller tools take this production challenge head on. Because the controller is inside the tool itself, rebalancing or adjusting a production line is as simple as moving the tool from one workstation to the next. With a virtual copy of your data and production settings stored in an Intelligence Application Module (IAM), servicing, maintenance, and tool replacements are easier and quicker than ever before – just insert the IAM card into another tool, and you’re good to go!

The value

Put simply: Atlas Copco’s Tensor IxB family of integrated controller tools enable 2.5x faster station installations and a reduction in rebalancing time by 50%. Because you no longer need a physical controller (or the related costly components) per station, you can expect substantial cost savings, along with a smaller, more optimized manufacturing plant layout design. 

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Tensor IxB integrated controller tools also allow for true wireless freedom on the line. They’re lighter, smaller, and faster than previous generation tools such as the Tensor STB battery nutrunner. In fact, the Tensor ITB and Tensor ICB integrated controller tools improve tightening time by up to 30%, allowing your operation to increase production output and maintain high cycle rates. 

Are you interested in learning more about how Atlas Copco’s all-new Tensor IxB family of integrated controller tools can take your production to the next level? Contact us and schedule a demo today!

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