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Industrial Location SpotPoint (ILS): 3 common applications

Industrial Location SpotPoint – ILS is Atlas Copco’s newest industrial location platform. The manufacturing of today brings about increased demand for error-proofing, flexibility, and wireless freedom in production.

Industrial Location SpotPoint – ILS is a wireless, line of sight process security system, consisting of a receiver, a tool transmitter, and a dynamic transmitter. In this article, we’ll explore three of the most common applications that make Industrial Location SpotPoint – ILS an ideal solution. 

ILS système de localisation de vis

How ILS works

The Industrial Location SpotPoint (ILS) receiver triangulates the real-time position of the transmitters within a desired area of coverage. Using the transmitters, the system is able to generate (X, Y, Z) and (P, Y, R) data values for the transmitters’ location. These data values correlate to the connected tool’s position, and they are used to enable and disable the tool itself, offering high-level error-proofing for bolt and process-level operations.

Application #1: Motor vehicle industry – Engine assembly

Engine assembly in the Motor Vehicle Industry (MVI) is an application that involves many moving parts and requires a high level of flexibility. Despite a wide-reaching trend toward automation in large-scale assembly operations, engine assembly is still manual, to a large extent. This subsequently brings about a demand for a system that allows for sequence tightening, visual operator guidance, and multiple tightening programs/socket types, among many other things.

This is where Industrial Location SpotPoint – ILS enters the picture. Industrial Location SpotPoint – ILS can bring engine assembly applications in MVI to the next level. On a continuous moving engine assembly line, the system enables a secured, error-proofed process by way of clear, visual operator guidance and accurate tool positioning validation. You can count on significantly improved quality (that does not impact productivity whatsoever), reduced rework and defects, and high-level error-proofing.


Application #2: General industry/heavy truck and buses – Offroad engine

Offroad engine assembly is another application in which Industrial Location SpotPoint – ILS is ideal. Involving large parts, high-torque screws, and multiple tightening programs/socket types, this is a heavy-duty application that requires a heavy-duty solution. In offroad engine assembly, Industrial Location SpotPoint – ILS provides visual operator guidance and multiple camera versions for different areas of coverage.

Further, Industrial Location SpotPoint – ILS is able to offer operators more freedom and flexibility on the line. Without requiring torque arms or suspension systems, your operators can move more freely around the assembly line while still remaining in area coverage.


Application #3: Motor vehicle industry – Electric vehicle motor assembly

As demand for electric vehicles continues to rapidly increase, the focus for EV motor manufacturers is on reliability, stability, and reduced rework/waste. Another major focus in this application: operator safety. With such intense safety requirements, along with large parts and multiple processes per station, Industrial Location SpotPoint – ILS is the perfect solution for EV motor assembly applications.

Industrial Location SpotPoint – ILS secures all processes through visual operator guidance, enables multiple tools and tip-offsets, and integrates seamlessly with Atlas Copco’s Scalable Quality Solution (SQS) software for further error-proofing capabilities. Users can expect increased safety, quality, and flexibility, without any added maintenance or risk of potential short-cuts.


What makes ILS ideal?

Atlas Copco’s newest tool positioning platform, Industrial Location SpotPoint – ILS is an ideal solution for a wide range of applications in a wide range of segments: the motor vehicle industry, general industry/heavy truck and buses, and many more. Further, the system works with several different tooling options, such as hand tools (STwrenches, Tensor tools, etc.), and fixtured tools, like torque tubes, articulated arms, and suspension systems.

Are you interested in learning more about Industrial Location SpotPoint – ILS, or any of Atlas Copco’s other tool positioning platforms? Contact us and schedule a demo today!

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