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Innovation – Getting one step closer to Industry 4.0

The manufacturing of today is characterized by automation, digitalization, and the introduction of complex product variants and technologies. These key elements, and many more, are the fuel we use at Atlas Copco to continue to innovate for a better future. As a global manufacturer of industrial tools and solutions, our responsibility lies in contributing to the advancement of technology in ways that are both sustainable and accessible for manufacturers of all types. 

At Atlas Copco, we strive to drive society forward with smart, connected technologies and solutions that bring your plant one step closer to becoming the ideal Smart Factory. Read on to learn how Atlas Copco contributes to innovation in the time of big data and industry 4.0!

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The Atlas Copco approach to innovation

For us, innovation means more than just producing the next big industrial tool or software solution. It means investing significant time and resources toward industry research and product development. It entails working directly with our customers to see firsthand the advancements needed to increase productivity and uptime. Innovation can even mean capitalizing on current technologies by finding new, more advanced ways to bring the product up to the standards of Industry 4.0.

What this means for you

All industry and segments benefit from innovation. On the flipside of that, your ability to adapt to new innovations in this fluid, ever evolving manufacturing environment can be the key to success as a brand or company. For this reason, having an innovation partner like Atlas Copco alongside your journey towards becoming a Smart Factory can be game changing. With a Smarter Factory comes greater access to invaluable product and build data, comprehensive error-proofing capabilities, and a more efficient operation. 

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Smart tools, such as Atlas Copco’s Tensor IxB family of tools with integrated controllers, can provide operator feedback, improved speed and accuracy during production, and offer the chance to reduce hardware in the plant. Advanced software solutions, such as our Scalable Quality Solution (SQS), can provide full process control, advanced error-proofing features, and complete traceability. 

With further capabilities including tool interlock and part verification, SQS and many other smart software solutions can significantly reduce defects and rework rates for a more faultless production. 

Engineered Solutions: Innovate a custom solution for your operation

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In addition to our product portfolio, Engineered Solutions are another way Atlas Copco leads in innovation. With five Application Centers located strategically around the globe, Atlas Copco has the ability to create custom solutions from our core product offering for customers worldwide. Solutions that can be customized include software, automated systems, torque arms, and more.  

If you’re interested in learning more about how we can innovate for you, contact Atlas Copco today to talk to an expert!

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