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Atlas Copco

The vision is to be First in Mind-First in Choice as a supplier of assembly and material removal solutions, quality assurance products, software, and services to customers in the motor vehicle and general industries. The strategy is to continue to grow the business profitably by building on the technological leadership and continuously offering products and services that improve customers' productivity, quality, safety and ergonomics. Important activities are to extend the product offering and to provide additional services, know-how and training. The business area is also increasing its presence in targeted geographical markets. The presence is enhanced by utilizing a brand portfolio strategy. The business area is actively looking at acquiring complementary businesses. Growth should be achieved in a way that is economically, environmentally and socially responsible.

Henrob Self-Pierce Riveting
We are a market leader in self-pierce riveting, joining aluminum, high-strength, ultra-high-strength, and other materials that cannot be reliably welded.

K-Flow Flow Drill Fastening
Our K-Flow product line offers high quality flow drill fastening solutions for the automotive industry

SCA Industrial Dispensing Systems
The SCA product line offers complete automated application systems for body shop dispensing processes

Tools and Assembly Systems
We provide industrial power tools and systems, industrial assembly solutions, quality assurance products, software and service through a global network. 

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Improved Productivity

In a recent analysis of an application, our team reviewed a very time-consuming process requiring an operator to tighten four nuts individually to 20 Nm, then re-hit all four nuts and tighten to 48 Nm due to residual torque relaxation. Implementing a synchronized four-spindle Tensor STR fixture hanging from a cable balancer provided a solution to tighten all four nuts with only one run down, reducing the production time by 85%. The solution has improved residual torques and ergonomics for the operator while paying for itself in less than eight months.

Increase Tool Uptime

A complex assembly had two operators manually fastening a baffle, with a high amount of damaged parts due to cross-threaded fasteners. To solve this issue, our experts designed an electric system with a torque arm that could be run by one operator. Cross-threading was eliminated by using our error proofing torque strategy. The customer was able to re-allocate three personnel and also save on scrap and damaged parts.

Reduction in Defects

Our team found a manual arbor press that not only was dangerous to use, but had a high number of damaged parts, causing rework. With our single press station solution, scrap was eliminated and ergonomics and safety were improved with 100% post payback profit in the first year.

Our process

Walking the line
Walking the line

  • Observing your processes
  • Interviewing operators
  • Identifying issues
  • Widen the scope of the whole process

    Evaluating the results:

    • Uncover potential for cost savings
    • Improve your efficiency
    • Standardize your process
    • Improve your quality

    Presenting the results:

    • Providing an evaluation on your line regarding standards, efficiency, quality output & processes