srb ha battery nutrunner no sticker

Cordless Torque Driver


✓ Torque rating of up to 4000Nm
✓ Internal torque transducer for maximum control and reliability
✓ Clear operator feedback is provided with multi-functional LEDs, displaying OK/NOK status messages based on torque and angle readings

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Three versions

SRB HA Product Line


Set and go straight from the box

The digital version is our basic version where the tool is ready to go straight out of the box. Use the buttons to set the desired torque and start tightening. No possibility to save the tightening data.


Connects directly to any mobile device

Pre-program up to 10 presets and 10 batches to control your process. The target can be either torque or torque plus angle. Easily shift between the settings and once the job is done, it is simple to download the data for traceability. No additonal app, software or Wifi network is needed.


Advanced process control and live data feed

Connect your battery tool to the Power Focus 6000 controller, which takes your productivity, quality and connectivity to entirely new levels. The PF6000 controller is easily integrated into overlying systems for live data feed and analysis.


Feature / Model Digital   Smart  Connected 
Dual Trigger
Socket Release
Guiding LED Feedback
Torque Transducer
Permanent Magnet Motor
HMI Display
Internal Wifi Server for Data Collection  
Data Collection  
Presets (10)  
Batch Mode (10)  
Angle Monitoring  
Torque + Angle Strategy  
Torque Tolerances  
Live Data Collection    
Operator guidance    
SQS Configuration     
PF6000 Configuration