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Improved product quality and ergonomics thanks to Low Reaction Tools

Atlas Copco's wireless, error-proofed TBP pulse tools and Power Focus 6000 controller solve customer's heat shield installation challenges.

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Low Reaction Tools - TBP and SRB overview

See our tools in action! Learn about the values we bring to customers with our Low Reaction Tools, SRB and TBP, in this newly-produced overview video.

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Quick Take Questions video - TBP pulse tools

In this quick video, Atlas Copco Product Specialist Hans Mandahl discusses the values of our new TBP pulse tool line, including low vibrations, better ergonomics, longer service intervals, high torques and more.


Customer success story:
Improved product quality and ergonomics thanks to Low Reaction Tools


Automotive underbody, heat shield application

Atlas Copco recently helped an Automotive manufacturing customer solve quality issues in their heat shield securing process. Issues experienced included missing fasteners and incorrect torques.

The heat shield that is being secured is needed to prevent high direct heat to potential combustion-prone materials from the catalytic converter underneath the vehicles. High heat could cause these materials to catch fire, and missing fasteners or improperly secured fasteners could cause failure of the heat shield.

Previously, a pneumatic pulse tool was used to install the heat shield with 12 fasteners times 700 vehicles per day. Fasteners were sometimes forgotten or not tightened to the correct specification, which can lead to heat shield failure, causing excessive heat and potential combustion. Work is performed above operators' shoulders, tightening fasteners to 30 Nm. Because of the workstation layout and assembly process, a direct drive tool cannot be used for ergonomic reasons.


The solution: Atlas Copco TBP wireless, low reaction tools plus Power Focus 6000.

TBP81-55 - Cordless, transducer controlled hydraulic impulse nutrunner

Atlas Copco TBP - our wireless, error-proofed, one-handed Low Reaction Tools, combined with the Power Focus 6000 controller, the core of Smart Connected Assembly, our vision for Industry 4.0. The Power Focus 6000 is connected to the customer's MES system and with the addition of the ToolsNet 8 data collection and analysis software suite, is everything that is needed to implement the Industry 4.0 concept.

The TBP pulse tool is transducer controlled. The tool records important tightening data, including angle and pulse count. This ensures correct torque and detection of any assembly errors and possible joint issues. Common assembly issues, such as cross threads or missing fasteners, can be avoided.

Annual customer claim costs: $33,900
Annual manpower cost for analysis and data records: $5,540
Total annual savings: $39,440

Additional benefits:

Not only will our customer benefit from savings in claim costs, but the TBP’s lower vibrations greatly reduce the risk of cardio vascular injuries. Other ergonomic benefits include lower noise levels and a work area free of exhaust oil mist.