Rotaction sockets for Low Reaction Tools

Rotaction sockets for Low Reaction Tools

Improve quality, safety and durability with guided sockets from Atlas Copco

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TBP Low Reaction Tool with Rotaction socket

TBP Low Reaction Tool with Rotaction socket and extension

There is an easy and inexpensive way to improve your product quality, operator safety and durability of your Low Reaction Tools. The solution is to use our new, guided Rotaction sockets and extensions.

Automotive underbody, heat shield application

SRB Low Reaction Tool with Rotaction socket

We have for a long time recommended the use of guided sockets and extensions with our impulse tools, to improve and enhance:

• Tool durability
• Tightening accuracy
• Operator ergonomics

Rotaction guided sockets and extensions have an extended sleeve that is guided on the shaft of a pulse tool anvil. This prevents any wobble, resulting in reduced vibrations and less wear on tool front end components. Additionally, less gap between the tool and socket ensures better energy transfer from the tool to the fastener.

The solution: Atlas Copco TBP wireless, low reaction tools plus Power Focus 6000.

Rotaction concept - guided sockets

We are now able to offer guided sockets and extensions in the Rotaction line, featuring a freely rotating sleeve made of composite material that covers the socket.

Beyond the benefits of guided sockets, Atlas Copco Rotaction sockets and extensions:

• Reduce the risk of hand injuries caused by contact with the rotating socket
• Avoid nicks and scratches while assembling products

These new tool accessories help enhance the value of our TBP and SRB range of cordless, transducer-controlled fastening tools, as well as with our unique ErgoPulse PTI series of pneumatic impulse tools.


Low Reaction Tools - TBP and SRB overview

See our tools in action! Learn about the values we bring to customers with our Low Reaction Tools, SRB and TBP, in this newly-produced overview video.

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Quick Take Questions video - TBP pulse tools

In this quick video, Atlas Copco Product Specialist Hans Mandahl discusses the values of our new TBP pulse tool line, including low vibrations, better ergonomics, longer service intervals, high torques and more.