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K-Flow flow drill fastening for increased productivity in battery assembly

The assembly of a battery for hybrid and all-electric vehicles is one of the most safety-critical processes in vehicle manufacturing. The assembly process has an influence on the performance, safety and service life of the vehicle battery. The choice of the right joining process is therefore crucial. But how does a joining technology that works with processing forces of up to 3000N fit into the picture here?

The flow drilling technology of the K-Flow product line has its origins in classic body-in-white construction and is particularly used at assembly points that are only accessible from one side. Due to the high processing forces and the special joining elements, flow drill fastening enables a safe and fast connection. The joining element forms the "core hole" and the thread at the same time and is thus able to reduce previous steps and optimize the cycle time.

Challenges in battery assembly

In battery assembly for electric and hybrid vehicles, sensitivity and accuracy are required above all. Due to the insertion of the battery into the body-in-white, the component geometries are becoming increasingly complex and require a flexible and simple, yet safe connection technology without many upstream steps. In addition, cycle time, hose routing and expensive compressed air are other key factors in the manufacturing process that can be efficiently solved with the help of the flow drill fastening technology. Also crucial to battery joining is ease of maintenance. Reversible connections are required so that the battery can also be maintained after installation.

The advantages of flow drill fastening prove themselves especially in the assembly of the battery cover

The assembly of the battery cover requires a flexible and non-destructively recoverable joint with a fast cycle time.

Flow drilling provides a reliable mechanical connection that requires no surface preparation. The metallic components are in a conductive connection and form a Faraday cage that prevents electromagnetic interference.

In particular, the cycle time can be optimized with the help of the magazine for flow drill fastening, such as the HLX 70 magazine. The HLX 70 magazine can be retrofitted to all common systems and ensures high productivity thanks to its capacity of up to 70 fasteners.

Potential savings: Magazine technology

Example calculation
Joints per battery cover: 102
Battery cover per year:  202,500
Compressed air consumption standard feed: 0.03m³*/joint (with 20m feed hose) 
Compressed air consumption magazine feed:  0.011m³*/joint
Potential savings compressed air: 392,000 m³* per year

Get in touch with us directly if you want to know more about our joining technologies and how we can support your battery manufacturing process.

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