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Joining solutions for manufacturing with mixed materials

Industrial dispensing | Self-pierce riveting | Flow drill fastening

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Did you know that a modern vehicle could be assembled with:

2,500Self-pierce rivets

160Meters of adhesive

200Flow drill fasteners

Our joining solutions combine the full spectrum of innovative joining solutions under one roof. This includes adhesive bonding, sealing, and sound dampening technology with our SCA product line, Henrob self-piercing rivets and riveting systems, and flow drill fastening technique from our K-Flow product line.

We look at the big picture of your manufacturing processes and work closely with you to design innovative solutions that meet the highest standards in productivity, quality, and sustainability. 

With an extensive global network of sales and service experts in the field and global innovation centers, we bring people, technologies, innovation, and competence together.

Our family is growing with the addition of Scheugenpflug to our solutions portfolio

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