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Now introducing: Integrated controller battery tools (Tensor IxB) from Atlas Copco Tensor ICB

Atlas Copco’s next generation Tensor IxB integrated controller battery tools combine the functionality of a tightening controller with the ease, power, and reliability of a wireless DC electric tool.

The IxB tool family consists of two different battery tool options: The Tensor ITB and the Tensor ICB. Both the Tensor ITB and ICB feature a tightening controller integrated directly into the tool. 

In this article, we’ll focus specifically on Atlas Copco’s Tensor ICB cordless nutrunner, exploring its impressive accessibility, superior operator ergonomics, and future-ready reliability. If you’re interested in reading an article focused solely on the Tensor ITB, please click here.

First, let’s start with the basics

The Atlas Copco Tensor ICB is a direct drive cordless nutrunner with a tightening controller built directly into the tool. Serving as a counterpart to the Tensor ITB, the Tensor ICB is the smaller, more flexible option. Its versatility offers our customers the chance to build a tool that best fits their specific applications; Choose from three different battery options (14V, 18V, or 36V), two versions (with or without eHMI), and two model variants (1.5-7 Nm or 3-15 Nm).


Optimized for operators

Compared to our previous generation Tensor STB cordless nutrunner, the Tensor ICB is 30% shorter and 30% lighter. This difference in size and weight allows operators to do more work while remaining comfortable and safe on the line. Further, the Tensor ICB’s high power-to-weight ratio and compact size allows it access to spots on the assembly line once unreachable. 

The Tensor ICB has two features unique to its form factor. The tool’s angle head is able to rotate 360 degrees around, and there are up to 18 different locking positions available for users. The Tensor ICB’s trigger can rotate 360 degrees around the tool and can be set to one of 20 locking positions. The trigger can also be locked to one position if preferred. These two features expand the Tensor ICB’s ability to be used on more applications while providing unbeatable operator ergonomics.


Future-proof your production

In this day and age of Industry 4.0, manufacturing relies on real-time data, the use of ‘smart’ technology, and lean production, among many other things. Impressively, the Tensor ICB combines it all. An optional integrated eHMI enables clear operator feedback, showing results and progress during production. Because the tool doesn’t rely on a separate physical controller, the Tensor ICB contains all the data it requires to work on the tool itself. Users can store up to 1,000 Psets and up to 10,000 traces and results. 

With the ability to scale functionality to your application requirements, you can tailor the Tensor ICB integrated controller tool to be just what you need. Should you find yourself wanting additional functionalities in the future, Atlas Copco makes scaling up easy and trouble-free.

Are you interested in learning more about Atlas Copco’s all-new Tensor IxB family of tools with integrated controllers, or more specifically, the Tensor ICB cordless nutrunner? Contact us and schedule a demo today!

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