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Now introducing: Integrated controller battery tools (Tensor IxB) from Atlas Copco Tensor ITB

Atlas Copco’s next generation Tensor IxB integrated controller battery tools combine the functionality of a tightening controller with the ease, power, and reliability of a wireless DC electric tool.

The Tensor IxB tool family consists of two different battery tool options: The Tensor ITB and the Tensor ICB. Both the Tensor ITB and ICB feature a built-in controller integrated directly into the tool. 

For the sake of this article, we’ll explore the Tensor ITB cordless nutrunner in great detail. If you’re interested in reading a similar article focused solely on the Tensor ICB, please click here.

Tensor IxB image card component

Tensor ITB – The basics

The Atlas Copco Tensor ITB is a direct drive wireless nutrunner with advanced features and controller software integrated right into the tool. Compared to the Tensor ICB, the Tensor ITB is the larger tooling option. Enabling flexible rebalancing on the line, ease of integration, and access to hard-to-reach places in production, the Tensor ITB is an ideal tool for a wide variety of applications.

The Tensor ITB is easily customizable, allowing for users to choose between three different battery options (14V, 18V, or 36V), a multitude of accessories, such as scanners or socket selectors, and two different type of tool heads (standard or front transducer).

A battery tool with the performance of a corded tool

The Tensor ITB features a brand-new drive unit, called Actidrive. The Actidrive optimizes the passive cooling of the tool, which allows for sufficient cooling in even the most demanding of applications. Because of this, the Tensor ITB has almost the same amount of power and performance as most corded tooling options (such as Atlas Copco’s corded Tensor STR nutrunner). The Tensor ITB also supports Atlas Copco’s advanced tightening strategies, including TrueAngle.

Further, when compared to our previous generation Tensor STB cordless nutrunner, the Tensor ITB allows for up to 60% faster rundown speeds. Simply put, users can expect substantial boosts in productivity and process efficiency. When used in conjunction with an optional eHMI, operator feedback and process integration on the Tensor ITB can be taken to the next level. 

Tensor IxB in toepassing

Flexible, future-ready assembly

Without the need for an additional, physical controller, you can reduce your hardware footprint and save valuable workspace using the Tensor IxB family of tools. Because it utilizes the same angle heads as the Atlas Copco STR tools, the Tensor ITB features the best angle head on the market. With the ability to scale functionality to your specific assembly process requirements, you can customize the perfect Tensor ITB tool for your applications. Should you find yourself needing more functionality down the road, scaling up is simple and hassle-free with Atlas Copco.

Are you interested in learning more about Atlas Copco’s all-new Tensor IxB family of tools with integrated controllers, or more specifically, the Tensor ITB cordless nutrunner? Contact us and schedule a demo today!

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